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Colourblind / Colorblind Mod RED vs BLUE, help needed

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Hey everyone, I wanted to link to this thread I started in GD. I have been doing some work helping out on this issue.

For the most part, some of it is pretty similar. Some of the other effects are helpful though, such as the AoE indicators. I am currently working on adjusting all of the AoE indicators to blue, but it is a somewhat daunting task due to the large number of them. Work in progress though!

Singed's poison is really interesting, I hadn't seen that one before. I will try and find a fix for that as well!


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TTS Zubat

Senior Member


I am also colorblind, I cannot differentiate between most cool colors.

Namely greys, blue and purple.


Jannas howling gale on most surfaces.
Singed's poison trail on the winter map.
Cannot tell the difference between minions other than the direction they are running...or if they are hitting me.

Colorblind mode would be awesome :c WoW has it...

we should not be forced to want to use 3rd party programs just to be on equal footing with the people who don't think a mudkip is the same color as a weezing...

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Senior Member


While I am red/green colorblind, I mix up blue/purple yellow/green orange/yellow orange/red gray/pink red/brown. When I was leveling to 30, I had to constantly apologize for running into someone and thinking they were on my team.

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There are some great web sites out there that discuss color blind issues and game UI design issues. I'm sure there are free code libraries you can locate which would map any normal colors into the related "color blind friendly" alternate color scheme.

It seems in a perfect world, LoL would use one of these in the rendering engine as the final step. If you turn on color blind mode (or have multiple modes for the main types of color blindness) then it would just recolor everything on the whole screen on the fly. It's fix bars, minions, shaco clones, whatever. The cpu cost should be minimum. Plus as new things are added to the game in the future, no special consideration is needed, it's already automatic...

Edit: At the very least, do the proper research before just toggling a few colors around and thinking that's plenty. It's actually a pretty interesting field of research. I was a programmer years ago so I'd sometime see papers on how to provide maximum improvement for color blind people. There are web tools to re-color photos too, so that items in the photo we see with different colors will appear as different colors to the color blind (albeit not the same colors we see).

Using a mapping technique like that as a final rendering option would make the game look a lot nicer, I bet. Right now a lot of the character skins probably lose detail when separate colors appear identical. I'm not color blind myself, but it's fascinating and once the work is done to support it in a quality way a lot of people benefit for the life of the game. I guess someone could run a conversion on all of the skins (if that sort of modification is possible client side) and recolor them, for use as an 'addon' of sorts...

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Junior Member


I made this one for myself and the game has been much more fun.
Self = bright yellow, allies = blue, enemy = red

1. Locate and open the zip file here:

.../League of Legends/game/HeroPak_client.zip

2. Drag and drop new heathbars.tga (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=92570&stc=1&d=1293148006) file into the /DATA/Images folder of the zip file

3. Play

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I support this change

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Senior Member


Honestly, I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner.
And 'on the radar' doesn't exactly mean anything, so I'm not getting my hopes up.