Bug with the new ignore button in Tab Menu in game

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today i played a game with a friend and decided that i would try out the new ignore system (the button in TAB menu) i fugured i could always un-ignore them later. so after the game he invites me into a new game and in our chat window (not the Que one the one you get when you send someone a message outside of a game or que) his name goes dark aka offline, but he doesnt leave the game que os i send him a message and he can talk to me and i am on his friends list but he is not on mine, also he is not in my ignore list. and he does not get any requests to add friends from me because he already has me as a friend.

TL;DR seem using the ignore button to ignore someone then clicking it again to un-ignore someone breaks them on ur friends list, but no theirs.

EDIT: it was a problem with their client, i guess when they logged out and back in he came back onto my friends list