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Icon Suggestion

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Hi. I have a suggestion for the icons located at the top left screen. As you all know they show your team. I think it will be really usefull to have "lock" and "unlock" button for them. When unlocked to be able to switch their places, because as many of you know in massive team fights sometimes its really hard even impossible to mouse-over a team mate to heal him (shield etc.) and you have to use the hotkeys (set as default as F2 F3 F4 F5). My point being is if you are able to switch positions of this icons, evey game you can have the same hotkeys for the same roles. For example your AD carry will be always F2, your AP carry F3 and so on, and you wont have to memorize different hotkey every single game. I think this will make the game easier and give better gameplay for all.