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Thoughts on Elo Hell

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So, everyone's always been talking about elo hell and things like trolls ruining my elo, etc. So I've been thinking and playing a lot of LoL, and I've really come to a conclusion about elo hell. This so called elo hell is where there are a ton of bad players trying to play ranked but end up pulling the team down. But then again, there is one simple method to solve this. Simply said, play better. If your team sucks, try your best to carry them. Don't get frustrated over a loss on ranked because of a bad team. If you keep thinking like that after a loss, maybe it'd be best to take a rest for a day and continue tomorrow.
I think that even if there are tons of bad players, try your best to carry them. I'll give an example. LoL is like a relay race between two teams. Let's say your team has horrible runners. You ran really well but you thought your team pulled you down. Let's say they did. Blaming them won't help at all. A better solution would be to run as fast as you can, faster than all the people on the other team. Maybe if you ran fast enough to make up for your team, you guys would win. Maybe it took a lot of effort, but it was worth it, because you guys got victory.
This is exactly like LoL.
You have feeders and people who can't last hit, can't do anything. These people WILL exist. Don't put them on your standards. This game is a TEAM game, meaning if you blame them and start badmouthing them, you guys will lose unless you carry enough.

I remember where there were tons of optimistic players on their team who wouldn't even rage for leavers and feeders. Some high elo players are still like this. For example, check out Dan Dinh's and Guardmanbob's streams. They keep it chill all the time.

We WILL get leavers and trolls. I remember the times where i got 4 leavers in a row in ranked games. I got really frustrated and started raging in game. Then after that I realized I was wrong. Maybe if I took a rest and calmed my mind instead of rage-soloing ranked I might've carried the team. Even if I didn't, what would I gain from raging at leavers? Nothing. What's done is done. I know what it feels like to get trolls and leavers.
I find that if we just try our best to deal with things, there might still lie a possibility of winning. One thing is certain in a ranked game. Don't ever give up. Even if you guys are losing. Keep your team cheered and try your best to win, even if you were losing.

So.. if you got leavers on your team and didn't know what to do. Try finding a duo queue partner that you trust is good. Two people trying to carry a team is easier than one, and it usually works.

I recently tried my best to get up to bronze, and I got it just before maintenance. I hope I won't drop down again, but even if I do, I won't complain. Complaining won't do anything. Just try your best to communicate with your team and carry. If your team refuses to communicate with you, keep up an optimistic attitude and try your best to carry. Even if that jungler fed 0/10 and still won't stop wandering.

I know this elo hell might not be where everyone belongs at, but think of it as a trial. If you get past this barrier and try your best to carry hard, you will succeed and profit a lot from it.

The first couple of things to success are winning your lane / ganking a lot. If you are paired with random people, try taking a solo lane or jungling. But remember, even if you win a lane, it doesn't mean you won the game. If your teammates have trouble with their lane, don't blame them. Just help them out in their lane by ganking.
I myself have gotten success with jungling. A small trick I found with jungling is that warding is really useful in solo queue. LIKE REALLY USEFUL. Providing vision to your team can help a lot with positioning; they do it subconsciously. Ward a lot. a LOT. A LOT.
Another thing you can do as a jungler is to help out each lane by ganking. Remember though, make sure you have communication with the team. Don't just ping an enemy champion and dive straight at him. Make sure the guy at lane knows and is ready.

tl;dr: Complaining won't work. Carry hard. If your teammates suck, deal with it. Carry harder. Teamwork is everything. If you lose, just keep thinking you didn't carry hard enough. Keeping a positive attitude is what really wins games. Some people WON'T understand just by pings. Some people WILL blame people for not calling mias when their brushes were warded. Just treat them as kids and try to carry them. It's like life. Deal with it.

I find that 1000 ~ 1100 elo has a lot of leavers and fail teammates, but after that, 1100~1200 has better teammates. 1200 ~ 1250 you will get a mix between good and bad players. I just got to bronze recently, so I'm not sure about 1250 +. (Personal Opinion)

So.. these are just my thoughts on elo hell, and I hope you guys might provide some insightful comments and replies. Or maybe some people could learn from this. I don't know , but I've gotten out of hard times and brought up my elo like this. I apologize if I offended anyone inside this.

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I agree with this post mostly. Obviously in such a detailed post there are a few things I don't, however I don't feel as if splitting hairs is going to be useful to this discussion. I do feel that a quick highlight is in order.

remember, even if you win a lane, it doesn't mean you won the game. If your teammates have trouble with their lane, don't blame them. Just help them out in their lane by ganking.

This can't be stressed enough. It's not enough to be good. You've got to help your team. Bring up their game play. Is your middle being out-harassed while you're doing well in your lane? Find a moment to run up and gank or even just harass the mid champion a bit. Is your top lane feeding? Switch lanes with them. Don't just call them a nub and keep dominating your lane. Are they getting ganked from the bushes? Yelling at you for not calling MIA? Well then, link them this video:

Map Awareness (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOXjNE2g2PI)

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Is this a PSA?