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The current UI, just flipped. It works on all resolutions and scaling.

To install and uninstall
1. Download this: http://forum.leaguecraft.com/index.p...-launcher-v30/
2. Follow the directions using the .zip file attached
3. The 'Install New Menu and Text Mods' box must be selected when installing

Once you know which side you're on, exit the game and install\uninstall the UI using the skin installer.

- Level up bar doesn't animate, so the buffs are a further distance from the panel
- Options and character menu like to hide the close button behind the interface on some resolutions
- Tooltips are at a fixed y-position

Please post any other bugs and I'll fix them and those above when I get back next week.

Download link: http://leaguecraft.com/uimods/317-inverted-hud.xhtml