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Suggestion: Show regeneration in the main HP and Mana bars

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Phobos Selini



When I was at the gamescom, I also took a short look at the Dota 2 tournament. I realized that games has a nice graphics, but I also saw an additional number at the right end in the Mana and Hp bar of your champion. See in the screenshot:


This seems to be the regeneration.

I think this is a pretty nice feature to have in League of Legends too.

So my suggestion is to implement these numbers into the HUD but make them optional since they might be confusing. LoL uses regeneration per 5 seconds values in the "C"-screen and on the items, runes, and masteries.

I would suggest to have it turned off as standard, cause new players might be confused by seeing a "+12" but only see their HP raise by ~2 per second.

One could argue if it was better to show regeneration per second or regneretion per 5 seconds with indication of the 5 (e.g. "+12/5" or "+12/5s&quot

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Senior Member



Here is the tread, suggested it indirectly aswell, even before dota 2