Jarvan IV - Fix idle animation to auto attack silliness

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Hi guys,

I unlocked Jarvan the other day, and I am loving him. He looks great, his weapon is suburb, and I love the "DEMACIA!" shout when he uses his ultimate.

The one flaw which I believe this character to have is his idle animation. He stands all proud and noble which is good, I have no issue with that. It's just when he starts to auto attack, he goes from smashing a minion on the head to standing proud again. Repeat this over and over and it looks quite unnatural and silly. (Am I the only one who thinks this?) - It ruins the over all look of the character for me.

If we take a look at Garen or Darius, they have quite natural/neutral idle posing which makes them look natural when they start to fight (auto attack).

I would recommend having a more fighting stance like Xin (which makes sense due to the weapon type Jarvan uses). Possibly even have him go back to his 'proud' stance when out of combat for 10 seconds or so.

As mentioned, this is not about the animations when Jarvan uses his abilities, they are all fantastic...it's just that auto attack and 'quick to proud' stance which I find silly when he auto attacks over and over.

Thanks for reading!

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i am jarvan and i am helping

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I second this.

Having his out of combat stance and his combat stand would make sense. While he is a proud Demacia, like real princes of the past he's a warrior and commander first. He stands strong as a symbol of Demacia, but during combat it would look better if he becomes the warrior Jarvan who fought criminals, Noxus, and dragons.