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Quick Cap Idea

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Since Dominion's objective is to capture bases and from what i have seen from this weekend's stream of the game mode. The most basic strategy was for 1 player to take and lane the natural bottom node. 1 player to capture the natural top node, and remaining 3 to go straight for the top node. The majority of the time this has resulted in 3 v3 team fights at the top node. Where the winning team majority of the time captures it and takes the lead.

However, few of the games; a team would select a champion with some type of ability with speed boost. In which they were able to reach the node 5-6 secs before enemy champions and in some cases....ninja the node.

I was wondering what the community thought about using a Zilean to sprint to the node and get a good start on capping it before the enemy team arrives. I was thinking of equiping Zil with:

Movement Runes + Masteries + Ghost + going 1 into "w" and 2 into "e"
aswell as using my gold to either buy an item with increased capping speed? If i can't afford an item of that nature at that time. Probably just get some swiftness boots for more speed.

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The best thing about Zilian in Dominion will not be that he can use his speed boost to get to that top point faster, it will be that he can give that speed boost to a different champion with their own speed boost to get to that point faster.

Zilian + Rammus with Boots of Mobility, movement runes, movement mastaries, ghost and garrison = Awesome.