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Boomstick II

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So, most people play him as either in the jungle or as AP... lately I've been playing him as kind of a map control ***** ( <-- hor ) and it's been working pretty well. I am looking for some advice on some item choices and reasoning behind why my choices aren't the best because I feel that playing Shaco the way I have been is a big reason why we've been winning some of my recent games.

Normally, depending on if we have a jungler or not, I'll take our blue buff just for some early CDR and mana regen. If we do have a jungler, I'll usually head out with them to their red and help them take that down asap while setting up a nest to catch the enemy jungler on his way to double golems or wraiths. Then my jungler will go do his own thing while I wait for the enemy jungler to come meet me boxes of doom. After that "interruption" of sorts, I will go to lane (usually bottom with whoever else is there, but there are games where I've had to solo top... even vs a mordekaiser or caitlyn). I get the AP gp/10 item first, then boots, then philo, then mobility OR swiftness boots, then finish upgrading my DFG and buy a HoG. Once I have all that, and sometimes before that but never before the boots, I'll get a very early oracles.
Once you have oracles and two gp/10 items, the game changes a bit. You run around and mess up the enemy's jungle while you gank lane to lane with or without your jungler. You don't do much damage, obviously, so you won't get many kills but that fear and that slow can hopefully help your teammates get kills. If you gank w/ your jungler, then that's even better. While you're roaming around, you clear out any wards (so constantly check in common places) to help build up some cash and to keep the enemies vision to a minimum. You want to set up box traps at blue/red a lot (common places for people to walk by) and if you only get them to half HP it's successful because that will make them either go to lane weak, make them go back and lose farm/exp, or you could possibly make them waste a summoners.
Late game, you're more of a single target nuke. You can easily take out the enemy support and maybe even their carry in a few seconds if you have the right items. However, hopefully you don't go to late game too often because shaco always has a weaker late game.

Early Game
-DFG (Kage's pick is rushed, DFG completed later)
-Boots (swiftness or mobility)
-Wards + Oracle

Mid Game
-Void Staff
-Ward + Oracle
You want to start building towards Lich Bane here.

Late Game (Final Build)
-Void Staff
-Lich Bane
-Rabadon's OR some other situational item (I've simply bought aura's for my team before when we didn't have a support)

-9x MPen
-9x Armor/ HP/lvl / MPRegen/lvl (I prefer armor or HP)
-9x CDR or AP/lvl
-3x gp/10 or swiftness or MPen (I prefer gp/10)
You don't get a lot of farm due to not staying in a lane too often, so having the extra gold from your runes can help a lot. With HoG, Philo, masteries, and runes, you have 14g/10 on top of the base gold accumulation rate which I don't know about.

9 same as any caster.
21 you want exp, gold, buff duration (maybe), mp/regen, and whatever masteries for your summoners.

Summoner Spells:
These are the one I would recommend. Flash, for obvious reasons. Ignite can seal that FB on their jungler or on a gank. Same with exhaust. Clair for more utility/vision. Teleport for more mobility.

This may just be another approach to playing AP Shaco, I don't know, but I just wanted to share the way I've been having success as Shaco. I've done well as a laning AP Shaco before, but it's not so easy to lane with him without a strong partner (usually) so I decided to play as a more utility/map control shaco instead. The key is that early oracles and making the other team's LoL experience a very bad one. Constantly getting feared every where you want to go and getting nuked by a bunch of measly boxes from time to time, AND having an uncatchable champ destroying any scrap of map control you might attempt to gain with wards... leads to an overall difficult game for the enemy team.

*** IMPORTANT PART: Now, if any of you guys have some tips for me to making this work more smoothly, then I would greatly appreciate them. My biggest concern right now is that I can't get 40% CDR without constantly buying blue pots (which I don't mind TOO much but it does get annoying and it's a money drain) with any sort of build that fits nicely with him. And I don't want to constantly take blue buff from someone else who could use it more than I. And some good ideas for maybe nest placement or ganking as shaco would help a lot too. Tips for general AP Shaco gameplay might help as well from those of you who enjoy playing him that way.
If there is a better champion suited for this role, some suggestions would be very nice as well. I like having the free ward every 10 seconds, and Shaco's deceive is kind of invaluable for mobility. I would use Teemo (shrooms ftw) but if I get caught then I'm screwed. And Kassadin doesn't have the wards... but he MIGHT work, idk.

Criticism is appreciated, downvotes not so much.