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Speed Cap. Phantom/Ghost Blade/ Runes/Masteries

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Mr Threepwood

Senior Member


And as fast as Yi is he doesn't handle CC well...if a Yi gets fed and can get faster capture items it could turn ugly, but otherwise you'd just handle Yi like you do in any other game, use CC to prevent caps then use more CC to kill ;P

You mean use CC to stop his cap and then notice that you accidently killed him with AD sion stun? Oh well, guess I get to go take a point now, Yi died faster than expected...

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I think Yi will do well on Dominion, but not because of his move speed (though it certainly won't hurt). Yi is one of the (if not THE) best scaling champions in the game, and it only takes a few of the right items before he starts hitting quite hard. In small scale fights, Yi is harder to shut down, so I wouldn't underestimate him.

The one I'd be more concerned about zooming around the map, capping points is Rammus. He's a surprisingly good duelist and his powerball only has a 10 second cooldown, which gets impressively fast with those speed shrines.