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Path of the Blessed One

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Bonus Chapter 27 - League Battle Part 1

Hyram stood in the dark room, doing his best to meditate, though in truth he was just trying to calm his nerves. It would be his first league battle. He had been told how things worked, using the magical items he could purchase, how to battle minions, the objectives of the various battlefields. Indeed, Summoner Kuraito, his summoner partner for this match, had assured him it was just an Exhibition match. Done for entertainment and practice rather then for any real political reason. Still, he almost trembled as he realized he was about to willingly step onto battlefield for the first time in his life.

Nidalee tried to cheer him up, saying it was customary to throw a party for champions after their first battle, win or lose. She went on to list plenty of champions who had auspicious careers as a champion, despite sometimes less then stellar first matches. He’d have very much liked to have her on his side for this battle, however she had been barred from this match. Rumor was it was his sister’s doing, but he cared little for rumor. It was time for him to stand alone. Sink or swim. Win or die.

The huge double doors of the room swung open, blinding him momentarily as brilliant light shone in. As his eyes started to adjust, he meekly stepped forward, exiting the room. He had been told to simply follow the red carpet to the summoning chambers, where he would be prepared for battle. As soon as he stepped out into the Grand Entrance Hall, a room as large as most palaces, he heard a deafening roar. He flinched and almost cowered until he realized the room was filled, shoulder to shoulder, save for the long red carpet leading him to his destination, with people. Mages, Summoners, Nobles, Soldiers, hundreds. To many to count. They were all cheering and applauding, some jumping in place trying to catch a glimpse of him, the newest Champion of the League.

Lining the carpet he was to follow, towering soldiers in full plate stood, wearing emblems of the League, of Demacia, of Noxus, and other city-states he was not yet familiar with. When he finally took a step forward, they snapped to attention, the League and Demacian soldiers rising their swords in a salute. Even the Noxus soldiers, despite his previous frictions with one of their champions, bowed their head in respect of his strength. Hyram almost snorted. Back home, soldiers considered him nothing more then a target for humiliation, yet here these hardened Noxus veterans stood, bowing in respect of his ‘Strength’. The absurdity of the situation was almost enough to make him laugh.

Instead, Hyram took a breath and calmed himself. Respectfully, he bowed his head to the Noxus soldiers to his right. Much to his surprise, the second he did, he heard their officer shout ‘Present…ARMS!’ And the Noxus soldiers lifted their own swords in a salute, creating a ceiling of blades for the boy to walkthrough as he approached his first battle. As he walked by, he glanced at each soldier. Some were impassive. Some could be seen through their thick helmets. Most however, looked encouraging, confident, a few even looked awed, as if they couldn’t believe a Champion was walking within arms reach of them. The crowds roar did not fade so he quickened his pace, finally reaching the door to the summoning chamber. It opened to admit him and he rushed inside, the roar of the crowd diminishing as the door closed behind him.

Letting out his held breath, he saw a round dais on the floor. He knew he was supposed to stand on it and wait, but for what he couldn’t recall. Cautiously he stepped forward onto it and…waited. After a few moments, he started to fidget in place, unsure if he was supposed to do anything. Before he could turn around and head back to the door a flash of light blinded him. As he rubbed his eyes to clear them he realized he was standing in a huge stone floored plaza. A large building with a giant purple crystal in the center sat in front of him and he remembered from his lessons that this was the Nexus, the thing he was meant to protect…and meant to destroy.

He looked to the left and saw the other champions he would fight with, and almost immediately wanted to ask for a do over. Kayle and Morgana stood, almost shoulder to shoulder, glaring down at him. Unsurprisingly, Morgana was the first to speak. “So, I hope you’re happy Hyram. You got your wish. You’re a champion. Congratulations.”
Morgana’s tone and Kayle’s expression showed the two were anything but happy about the current situation. Hyram winced and gave a feeble shrug.
Finally, Kayle spoke. “I shall go to the north path with Hyram. Morgana, you should take the south.”
Morgana snarled loudly. “Like hell! I’m taking Hyram with ME to the southern lane, and don’t you DARE try and stop me.”
Kayle’s hand rested on the hilt of her sword as she turned to face her sister. “I am the eldest, so I choose where MY brother goes, Morgana. If he requires your…assistance…” Kayle practically spat the word with how much contempt her voice held, “Then I shall let you know.”

As the two started to advance on each other, their other teammates stepped in between. Amumu, the mummy, he knew only through Annie, who had spoke rather highly of her diminutive friend. Hyram felt he was a teammate he could trust. His other teammate he had no idea however, as he had mixed feelings watching Miss Fortune glare at the sisters. “Enough. Kayle, take the north path. Alone. Morgana, center path, alone. Amumu, take the jungle. Hyram will come with me on the southern pass. He can watch my back as I try and get some money for more artifacts.”
Before either sister could object, Amumu nodded happily at the plan, cutting off any conversation on the subject. Kayle spoke in an even tone, though Hyram knew her well enough to catch the barely restrained fury it contained. “Guard him well, Bounty Hunter.” Saying nothing more, she started heading north to do her job.
Morgana pitted Miss Fortune with a harsh glare. “That wasn’t a request, by the way. It was an order. Anything that happens to Hyram, I promise you, I’ll see to it you meet the same…times ten.”
At that she stormed off toward the center path.

Hyram followed Miss Fortune to the southern path in a daze, all his mental preparation undone by the unexpected arrival of his sisters. Miss Fortune, as if reading his mind, gave him a comforting grin. “Hey, kid, it’s not like they don’t have say in things. You didn’t expect them to go to their favored summoner and demand they be chosen for this fight?”
Hyram winced at he realized the obviousness of it and nodded. “Right. So…I guess…I guess we’re working together on this one.”
Miss Fortune nodded. “Listen kid, I know we might have some….unresolved issues. But I just want you to know, you can trust me here. I’m letting you watch my back, ok? I wouldn’t do that with just anyone.”
Hyram nodded, gulping softly. “So, any idea who we’re up against?”
The word barely left his lips before the knowledge of his opposition flooded his mind. He could feel his summoners presence in his mind, and what the summoner knew, he knew. Silently, his summoner telepathically communicated all he knew about the enemy.

So far it looked like Mordekaiser was heading to the northern path. Hyram winced as he realized the Void Monster Cho’gath was almost certainly in the jungle and that Le Blanc was going to be dueling Morgana on mid. Cassiopeia was taking the southern path, and his wince gave way to a full on groan as he saw that Gangplank would be joining her. Hyram shook his head. “I’m never going to be rid of that psychopath am I?”
Miss Fortune grinned ruefully. “Nope. Sorry, he’s got a bit of a crush on you. Not many have dueled him outside the fields and lived to talk about it. He views you as a challenge. It‘s actually somewhat flattering in a really scary way.”
Hyram let out a long sigh. “Alright, so, my job here is to just watch your back, keep you at peak shape while you fight those minion thingies for money? Not jump into a fight with Gangplank?”
Miss Fortune’s grin widened. “Yep, that’s pretty much it, but if you think you can beat Gangplank, by all means, jump away.”
Hyram winced, shaking his head. “No, thank you.”

The two enemy champions finally got within sight range and the second Cassiopeia caught sight of him, her eyes widened slightly. “Mmmm…you weren’t lying Gangplank. He is something. I want one…”
Gangplank guffawed loudly. “Good luck to you, lass. You’re gonna have to deal with both his sisters, that wild woman, and even little Sarah here.”
Cassiopeia smiled, showing her sharp fangs. “Well, I suppose I’ll just have to settle for a little taste then.” Her serpentine tongue slid along the length of her fang as she glared at the boy intensely, causing Hyram to gulp and shrink back behind Miss Fortune. She growled and shook her head. “She’s just trying to get inside your head Hyram, don’t let her.” Hyram nodded and steeled his nerves.

The battle continued at a sedate pace for awhile. Hyram was glad to see that no one was interested in making any aggressive movements without a decided advantage, even Gangplank, which gave him a little time to learn how to pay attention both to the battle in front of him and the constant stream of information about his team mates from his Summoner. He found his job surprisingly easy. All he really did was occasionally heal Miss Fortune, shoot an occasional weak attack at his enemies to remind him that they’d have to fight him if they tried to attack the Bounty Hunter. None of it could prepare him for what was about to happen.

In an instant, he saw Gangplank grin and grow just every so slightly bulkier, and he knew that Gangplank had grew in strength due to the effects of the field. All of them had done so many times over the last minutes, but this time was different, as Gangplank gained an odd gleam in his eyes. He fired his pistol into the air and roared as suddenly cannonballs started exploding all around Hyram and the Bounty Hunter. The two turned to retreat, but before that could get more then a step or two, suddenly Cassiopeia vanished in a flash and reappeared, many yards closer. Her eyes let forth a burst of green light, and Hyram found it very difficult to keep running. He managed, but his sprint was turned into a slow jog. He looked ahead and saw Miss Fortune having similar issues. Gangplank was charging forward, his gaze resting completely on the Bounty Hunter. Hyram saw the Dread Pirate level his pistol and without thinking, Hyram shot a bolt of golden light, it struck Miss Fortune square in the back. Golden energy surged through her, invigorating her and freeing her from the odd affliction that sapped her speed. She retreated to the safety of her tower at full speed.

Hyram however, was nowhere near as lucky. Before Gangplank had a chance to turn his attention to him, Cassiopeia fell upon him, coiling her snake-like lower half around him, pinning his arms to his side. Her serpentine tongue flicked out against his exposed neck, causing the Serpent Woman to give a pleased hiss. Without another word, Cassiopeia lunged forward, both fangs digging deep into Hyrams neck. He felt venom pour into him from the wound and felt heat leaving his body as Cassiopeia drank in his life blood deeply. His face grew paler as his strength faded, until finally his eyes slowly closed and he fell limp. Cassiopeia held on for a few more seconds, before she reluctantly dropped the boy to the ground, but he never hit the ground, vanishing in a flash of light, returning to be revived back at his Nexus. Cassiopeia brushed up a bit of red liquid from the corner of her mouth with a clawed finger . She stared at it for a moment until finally she slowly sucked the red liquid away, savoring it. “Mmmm…so sweet. He…He tastes like honey.”

Gangplank grinned and turned back to face Miss Fortune. “Oh, guess he’s not making to good of an impression. First time dying out here is harsh isn’t it?”
Cassiopeia licked her lips. “I want more. Do bring him back quickly, I could dine on a morsel like him for days.”
Gangplank laughed as they taunted Miss Fortune who kicked at the dirt, but knew it was hopeless. She should’ve seen that attack coming, but she had been caught off guard. She’d been over confident due to how passively the two normally aggressive champions were and it allowed them to catch her completely off guard. Miss Fortune cursed and could only hope Hyram hurried back, because she didn’t look forward to fighting these two alone.

Hyram woke with a start. He was back where he started, by the odd looking shopkeeper. He felt whole and healthy, though the memory of the serpent woman’s long fangs still caused him to shudder. He turned to the shopkeep, unsure what he should do. Without a word, the shopkeep smiled at the boy and held out a large purple rod, with a spiked crystal head. The second his hand touched it, he felt invigorated. He remembered the name of the artifact now, it was called a Rod of Ages and it made it’s wielder ever more powerful as time passed. Suddenly, in his mind he heard Kayle calling for him to join her on the north path. He rushed off to join her, but before he’d barely gotten past the first tower, he heard Morgana’s and Miss Fortune’s voice in his mind as well, calling him to he center and southern path respectively. The two sisters started arguing empathically, both apparently feeling that Miss Fortune had lost her right to have Hyram help her by letting him die and the two argued over who he would join instead. Hyram froze, uncertain what to do, when suddenly he saw Gangplank and Cassiopeia pressuring a weakened Miss Fortune.

Taking off at a sprint, he rushed to the southern path, running through the jungle to save time. He had barely made it halfway through the south forest when suddenly spikes shot forth from the ground, tossing him up into the air. He cried out in pain, but managed to land on his feet as the engorged Void Beast approached. Just his luck, he’s managed to stumble across it, completely by accident. The Void Beast gave a happy roar. “It’s time to FEED!”
Hyram, feeling very defeated, shook his head. It wasn’t over. Not yet. He still had one more card to play. He might be taking another trip to his nexus, but not before he made this monster pay a heavy toll. He glared at Cho’gath and spoke. “Come on you oversized gecko….”
A flash of light surrounded Hyram, leaving the golden winged Angelic Warrior Hyramis in his place. Hyramis raised his flaming sword, expression stern. “…come and get your throat cut.”

Kayle, Miss Fortune and Amumu finally fell back toward Morgana. The three were battered and pressured on their own, they’re only choice was to stick together now, so they all gathered around the forward most center tower. Kayle and Morgana did not have kind words for Miss Fortune. Morgana spoke first. “Well done, you idiot. Thanks to you, our little brother just died. TWICE!”
Miss Fortune shook her head adamantly. “We don’t know he’s gone again. He could win..”
Kayle shook her head. “I said it once, I shall say it again. Hyram is a healer. A gentle soul. He has no chance against a monster like Cho’gath alone, and if we go to his aid, we are certain to meet our deaths at the hand of the void monsters allies. Perhaps now, you’ll listen to me and let me take my little brother home. He doesn’t belong here. I do not wish to see my brother hurt anymore..”
Morgana spun, snarling. “What are you talking about? It’s your fault he was even in there at all. If you’d just let him come with me, I’d have kept him safe!”
Kayle advanced a step, starting to glow faintly. “Staying with a traitor is not my idea of ‘safe’, especially not for one as impressionable and eager to please as Hyram.”

Before the two could bicker anymore, the enemy team started to gather at the opposite tower. They all wore confident expression, certain in swift victory. The two sisters glared at each other, until suddenly something large and purple flew between the two of them, causing them to freeze. Both teams looked down as the purple object rolled to a stop between the two teams. Their eyes widened as they realized they were looking at Cho’gaths severed head. Stepping forward, brushing past his sisters without even giving them a glance, young Hyram came to a stop just ahead of his allies. The left side of his face was bruised and swollen, he was favoring his left leg, and he was spattered with purple ichors. Despite this, Hyram pulled himself up to his full height as all the champions stared at him in silent awe. He took a breath and wiped a bit of blood from his lip, then finally spoke, still very much out of breath.

“Alright. Who’s next?”

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MF is a believer!

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loved it

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More More More! "drools"

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Sarkan of Arkham

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aw man I completely forgot about this fic lol. last time I checked it it was only up to Hyram meeting up with Nidalee.

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Chapter 28 (First Battle Part 2)

The enemy team leaped into action, Gangplank and Cassiopia launching attacks at Hyram before he had a chance to react. Flinching, Hyram was surprised to find both attacks vanished before they reached him. Finding himself suddenly bathed in both gold and purple light, he realized his sisters had both shielded him from their attacks just before they landed. He saw the two of them rush past him, snarling at the ones who had dared attack their younger sibling, Miss Fortune and Amumu hot on their heels. Amumu and Morgana leaped into the middle of the enemy team, Bandages and tethers of magical power lashing out to ensnare their enemies. Kayle swung her sword, arcs of golden fire lashing out at the ensnared enemies, while Miss Fortune gave a fierce roar, then opened up with both pistols, firing a massive volley of bullets. Hyram jumped forward to assist, focusing all his magic around his fist and lifting it high in air, before finally bringing it crashing to the ground, causing a pillar of fire to smash into his enemies, scorching them.

Cassiopia and Leblanc were unable to stand up to the pounding and both collapsed to the ground and faded away. Gangplank bit into an orange, freeing himself from the ensnaring effects they had placed on him. Realizing the fight was lost, he fled back toward his own base, cursing as he went. Mordekaiser however managed to weather the assault and more than that, actually managed to advance, charging after Hyram, seeking some measure of revenge. Hyram backpedaled, in no condition to engage in another fight. Before his enemy could reach him however, Kayle and Morgana fell upon him, lashing out with a power and fury he’d not seen in them before. Kayle slammed her blade into the metallic man over and over as Morgana chained him to the ground, making him unable to move. In short order, Mordekaiser fell as well.

Hyram let out a relieved breath as he noticed Miss Fortune and Amumu tearing into the enemy tower, destroying it swiftly. In silent agreement, the team returned to their base to recover and prepare for their next fight, their enemies already returning to the fields. Hyram fidgeted as he let the odd transport spell he was supposed to use on the fields take him back to the safety of his base. With a flash of light, he saw himself staring at the item vendor once more, who simply smiled at him faintly. Flanked by his sisters, the three siblings walked up to the shop. Kayle glanced down at him. “So. You managed to defeat Cho’gath.”

It was a statement, not a question, but still Hyram nodded in response. Morgana for her part was staring at her brother as if seeing him for the first time. She reached out and poked him on the shoulder, as if uncertain he was real. Hyram fidgeted a bit, until the 4th or 5th poke, when he finally spoke. “Morgana, stop. I’m not gonna turn into a pumpkin or something.”
Morgana shook her head. “Why not? You apparently turned into a fierce warrior since I’ve been gone, and I wasn’t gone THAT long.”
Hyram frowned and looked away. “…I suppose that depends on your point of view. To me, you two were gone for plenty long…” Not wanting to give either of them a chance to respond, Hyram stepped forward, ignoring the hurt looks on his sister’s faces. “So, what item does my summoner think I should get now?”

The shopkeeper smiled and held out a strange pointed hat to the boy. Confused, the boy took it. He looked at the rather silly thing before he finally shrugged and placed it atop his head. Golden fire flashed in his eyes and Hyram felt power flood into him, power like he’d never felt before. He shook his head as he could literally taste the magic now coursing through him. “Whoa…that’s…that’s a lot of power…” Hyram was broken out of his daydream by a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see Miss Fortune smiling down at him. “Come on kid, we still got a match to win.”

Miss Fortune strutted off with Hyram taking off after her, leaving Kayle and Morgana to exchange concerned glances and Amumu to fret over what he would buy at the shop. As they got out of earshot, Miss Fortune whispered. “Good work kid. Keep it up. I think you’re sisters are about ready to pass out, seeing how powerful you are.”
Hyram flushed. “Thanks. So, how close do you think we are to winning this?”
Miss Fortune grinned. “Close. If we get another win like that, we’ve pretty much got it sewn up I think. For now, we need to try and gather our strength. Maybe we should have you defeat the Elder Golem and take his rune…”
Hyram opened his mouth to ask what she was talking about, but decided against it. If it was important, they’d tell him.

Amumu finally caught up to them, speaking up, “Hey, sorry. I already have our Golem’s rune. Maybe we could grab the enemies? I don’t think Cho’gath has gotten it in a while…”
Kayle and Morgana appeared as well. Kayle spoke first. “Going after the Golem in the enemy’s territory is dangerous, but if we can do it, we can press our advantage.”
Morgana nodded. “Alright then, Amumu, go help our brother gather the enemies Golem. We’ll attack the bottom path to distract them. Run to us if you get in trouble.”
Amumu nodded and took off, Hyram running after him. As they finally reached their objective, Hyram was awed by what he saw. It was a giant Golem, easily towering over he and Amumu. Without a moment’s hesitation, Amumu jump forward, Hyram rushing after him.

The golem did not put up near the fight he expected, and soon Hyram was landing the finishing blow, feeling refreshing mana flood his body. “Wow. This thing gives you a lot of juice huh?”
His mummy companion nodded. “Yep. If Annie was here, we’d be giving it to her, but your sisters seem to want you to have it this time. If you get into trouble, stay behind me and throw everything you got at them, ok? The Golems power should let you make a big impact and I’ll keep them away from you.”
Hyram nodded ,but before they could return to their team, they spotted their enemies approach through the thick brush of the jungle.

The two rushed back to the team, but as they burst from the jungle, Amumu and Hyram were cut off from each other, a flash of red appearing between them and charging toward Hyram. By reflex, the boy rolled back toward the jungle, a gunshot zipping past over his head. As Hyram managed to get to his feet, he winced at what he saw. Gangplank was standing between him and his team, with Gangplanks team just close enough to make Hyram's teammates hesitate in launching an attack. The Dread Pirate gave a yellow toothed grin and slowly approached the boy. “Aye…this be bringing back memories, don’t it?”

Hyram stood, golden flames wreathing the boy once more as he grew taller and stronger, until eventually Hyramis stood before the pirate, flaming sword in hand. With a slight grin, Hyramis flicked the brim of his silly looking but surprisingly powerful hat, his eyes glowed with golden energy. “What is this? Round three? Maybe if I beat you down hard enough this time, you’ll be smart enough not to come for a round four.”
With a roar Gangplank charged the angel, knocking it back into the brush and out of the others sight.

The two teams stood transfixed, staring at the brush that hid the two combatants, various yells and taunts being heard from the shaking brush as the two struggled to gain the upper hand. Slowly, LeBlanc raised a hand. “Show of hands….who’s up for just letting those two fight it out first? I don’t want to miss this.”
Miss Fortunes and Cassiopia’s hands shot up and slowly, one by one, the others joined them, even Kayle and Morgana’s, albeit somewhat reluctantly. Even they were interested in seeing just how their brother would fair against an enemy as intimidating as Gangplank and after all…it was just an exhibition match.

Truth be told however, there was not much to see. The two seemed to be caught in the brush, and only the occasional taunt could be heard.
“You used to hit a lot harder, old man.”
“Nay, you’re head just be getting thicker!’ WHAM! Crunch! BANG!
“…did you just shoot me? You son of a…”
“Let go, you bloody flaming birdman!” WHAM!

At that Hyramis came crashing out of the brush, rolling across the ground for several feet before finally coming to stop a good 50 feet from the brush he started in, sent flying by a strong blow from the Dread Pirate. Stunned, Hyramis slowly started to shrink back down until once again only a beaten and bruised Hyram was left behind, pulling himself to his feet. As the boy shakily pulled himself to his feet, a rather scorched looking Gangplank stepped out from the brush, laughing. Hyram shook with anger, his jaw set. He was being humiliated. Worse, he was being humiliated in front of his sisters. They stood, watching him, and Hyram could swear he saw disappointment in their eyes.

With an enraged cry, the boy charged at the Pirate, once more wreathed in fire as he tackled Gangplank, pushing him back into the brush. Again the brush shook from their struggle, only now bursts of light could be seen as Hyram pummeled his opponent with spell after spell.
“Come on you filthy, dirty, piece of flotsam!” ZAP!
“AH! Me eyes! I can’t see you cheating little…” Wham! Ting! “…wait…no, no biting, no biting!”
A howl from Gangplank rang out, until finally another body came flying from the brush, this time it was Gangplanks turn to roll to a stop between the two teams, battered and bruised. Hyram stepped out from the brush, panting, his robes stained red with blood oozing from multiple cuts.

Gangplank pulled himself to his feet and slapped Mordekaiser on the shoulder. “Tag. Your turn.”
Kayle and Morgana gave an outrage cry. “What?! There’s no TAGGING here!”
Gangplank gave an expression of mock apology. “Oh, I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware you be making the rules here.” Gangplank leered at the two before looking back to his metallic teammate. “Go get’em , crusher.”
Mordekaiser nodded and approached the boy slowly, each metal step thundering through the ground. Kayle held her hand out to Hyram. “Here. If they can tag, so can we. I’ll take him.”

Hyram stared at his sister’s hand for a long moment, obviously dazed from his last fight. Taking a moment to catch his breath, finally Hyram looked from his sister to Mordekaiser, before finally he turned to face his metal opponent. “No. I’ll take him.” He left unsaid what he really meant, but almost all of them there knew what it was.

I’ll prove I belong here. I’ll prove I’m a Champion, even if it kills me.

Hyram motioned his opponent to keep coming. “Any time you’re ready, tons of fun.”
As if waiting for that exact moment, suddenly his metallic opponent stopped his slow plodding pace and took off at a full sprint, faster than Hyram considered possible for a being that heavy. In a heartbeat, Mordekaiser was standing over his much smaller opponent and swung his huge mace full force into Hyram’s side. Hyram managed to get up a shield, which, much to his shock, buckled almost completely under the sheer power of his opponent. Hyram found himself thrown backward, landing flat on his back, the wind knocked out of him once more.

Hyram quickly pulled himself to his feet, he was now a few yards from his opponent, who had returned to his slow, plodding pace, as if to toy with the boy. Thinking he had a few moments to catch his breath, Hyram was caught off guard as Mordekaiser held a hand out, causing metal to shoot out and crash into the boy. Unable to bring up his own shield, Hyram saw a flash of purple around him as the metal slammed into him, then a flash of white as he was again thrown backwards. He lay there for a long moment, surprised he was still conscious. Then he heard Gangplank yell . “What was that!? You two interfered!"

As Hyram tried valiantly to stand, Kayle and Morgana glared at Gangplank. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know YOU made the rules around here…” Morgana said with a crass grin. Hyram realized what had happened. Morgana had shielded him at the last moment, which is why he hasn’t been obliterated. Regardless, the blow had sapped the last of his strength, leaving him on his knees, unable to even gather the strength needed to stand. As Morgana and Gangplank argued, Hyram looked up to see Kayle staring at him. Kayle smiled just ever so slightly, the proud smile she had whenever Hyram managed to learn whatever skill she was trying to teach him. Almost invisible, Kayle motioned with her hand and with a flash of white energy, Hyram felt strength surge into his veins once more. Kayle gave her little brother a confident nod, proud smile still firmly fixed on her face.

Hyram mirrored her smile, finally looking up just as Mordekaiser same to a stop, towering over the boy. “What are you smiling about? Proud to meet your end at the hands of the Master of Metal?” Mordekaiser raised his mace high, as Hyram shook his head. “No, proud to have this chance to prove who I really am…” Hyram’s hand shot upward as a beam of golden light shot him his palm, crashing into Mordekaisers face, blinding him. At Mordekaiser staggered back a few feet and shook his head to clear his vision, Hyram grit his teeth and with a low growl, called forth all the power he possessed.

Augmented by the two artifacts he possessed, Hyram began to glow brilliantly as golden energy rolled off his body in waves. As his growl grew in volume, the energy grew in brightness and size, each wave traveling farther from his body until it dissipated. All other discussion quieted down as everyone, even Mordekaiser stood and stared at the boy, who desperately reached deep inside, looking for more and more power. As the waves pulsed forth, Hyram was soon standing inside a giant pillar of golden light, raw magic pulsing out from him with sharp gusts of wind following. Finally Hyram brought his head back up, glaring at his opponent, his eyes shining as if the sun itself sat behind them. “Come on tin man! Let’s see what you got!”

Hyram roared and slammed his fist down into the ground as a second pillar of light came crashing down onto Mordekaiser, driving the towering metal warrior down to a knee. Hyram stepped forward, lashing out with a bolt of golden energy which crashed against Mordekaiser’s chest, causing him to stagger back. Each step forward, Hyram lashed out with another bolt of magic, causing Mordekaiser to give an equal step backwards from the sheer force of the blow, his armor glowing bright red for a moment at each point of impact. Hyram continued his relentless assault, the pillar of golden light still circling around him. Finally, after a dozen or so paces, Mordekaiser rallied back, deflecting an attack with his mace before charging forward and slamming his mace once more into Hyram.

The boy brought his arm up and blocked the crushing blow, though the unmistakable ‘crack’ of a breaking bone could be heard as Hyram’s wrist snapped. Hyram pulled his other hand back, focusing all the energy he had around his fist, until finally, with one last cry of rage, Hyram threw his arm forward as all the energy the surrounded him flashed forward through his arm and crashed into Mordekaisers chest, throwing the metallic man flying back.

Hyram staggered as he struggled to stay standing, until finally he fell and darkness claimed him.

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oh cool this is back.

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Woo, another chapter!

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Many thanks. I really should try and get some art for this. Maybe commission it, but I'm fairly broke.

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Love it! Please keep writing!