[Champion Suggestion] Bolli the Viking Warlord

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This is second attempt at creating a hero and I hope you all enjoy it. My first being Calico the Undead Scallywag.

Bolli the Viking Warlord

Lore -- Reserved for later

Model -- Classical Viking armor, Great sword.

Health: 470 (+80 / per level)
Mana: 200 (+45 / per level)
Move Speed: 315
Armor: 20 (+3.7 / per level)
Spell Block: 30 (+0 / per level)
Critical Strike: 2.0 (+0.5 / per level)
Health Regen : 1.34 (+0.12 / per level)
Mana Regen: 0.75 (+0.06 / per level)

Passive -- Odin’s Fury – Protected by his father’s power, Bolli is granted run speed based on life missing up to a max of 15/20/25%.

Skill 1 -- Sweep – A large sweep of Bolli’s sword easily cripples enemies.

Active – Sweeps his sword in a large radius in front of him. Hitting an enemy unit from the front knocks the unit down for 1/1/1.5/1.5/2 seconds and deals 75/125/175/225/275(+.4) damage. If sweep hits an enemy unit from behind its movement speed will be slowed by 25/25/30/30/35% for 3 seconds.

Cooldown -- 20/18/16/14/12 seconds
Cost – 100/110/120/130/140 mana
Range -- 200

Skill 2 -- Mighty Blow – Bolli’s massive sword allows him to cut through his enemies armor with no effort.

Passive – Bolli’s attacks cause damage equal to 10/20/30/40/50% of enemy heroes armor.

Active – Performs an overhead swing dealing attack damage + 20/40/60/80/100 to the target and the next closest enemy.

Cooldown -- 10 seconds
Cost – 40/50/60/70/80
Range -- 150

Skill 3 -- Helmet Rush – Bolli charges forward, ramming the first enemy he encounters.

Charging forward, Bolli lowers his horned helm and sprints. The first enemy he encounters takes 50/75/100/125/150 damage and 200% of Bolli’s attack damage over 8 seconds.

Cooldown -- 20 seconds
Cost -- 110 / 120 / 130 / 140 / 150 mana
Range -- Mapwide

Ultimate -- Valhalla's Blessing -- Praised for his skill in battle, Valhalla's champions honor Bolli's death by blessing friendly heroes and cursing enemies.

Upon receiving a deadly blow, the champions of Valhalla enter the battlefield, blessing allies and cursing enemies. Heals nearby champions for 300/450/600 (+.4), while causing enemy champions to miss 10/15/20% of the time with abilities and attacks for 5 seconds.

Cooldown -- 160/140/120 seconds
Cost -- 0
Range -- 1000

Obviously, numbers are up for re-balancing, but mainly looking for feedback in terms of the synergy of the hero and the "balanced-ness" of it.

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make it so that the skills do damage + % of your attack damage, kind of like pantheon's skills. that would be awesome. Recommended