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We need a spellvamp item for AD casters.

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In comparison though the 3625 for the gunblade is actually quite cheap, consider for example that there is only 1 pure AD caster (Talon) all the others have at least 1 skill with AP scaling hence the AP is never entirely wasted.

But let us consider from Talons perspective, as he is the only person the AD is completely wasted on, other items with comparable cost/AD, Infinity edge (80 AD only 1 can be used as a 2nd provides no bonus at all 3830 gold), Bloodthirster (100 AD and 25% life steal after 40minion kills, 3000 gold) as you can see both these items offer a slightly higher AD.

The gunblade gives 60 AD, a usable slow, 25% spellvamp and 20% lifesteal for 3650 gold so really your trading BT's ability to farm up to 100 AD, 5% lifesteal and 650 gold and recieve in exchange a slow, and 25% spell vamp.

Note for any hero with even 1 skill benefiting from AP the trade off is even better

You forget Garen in the way of AD casters who don't scale with AP, so that's at least two champions who can't use the Gunblade's ability power. I think that kind of proves there could be a niche for the item concept that this thread is about, fixing some problems for some champions rather than changing them all individually.

Bloodthirster isn't really much of an item I tend to use for AD casters anyway, since I have to farm it up and spend a lot on lifesteal I don't really use - lifesteal is already kind of an iffy thing for physical damage carries anyway since they run the risk of simply being nuked down before using much of the lifesteal. There are some champions which may be considered an "AD caster" that can use the Gunblade's lifesteal and ability power alike (such as Ezreal), but I still really think most shouldn't be getting it, because you use that ability power and lifesteal poorly. They might use it better than a mage would use the lifesteal and attack damage on the Gunblade, but barely so.

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Garen, Vayne, Talon and Olaf all have no AP scaling, just for a reference. We're suggesting an item that would specifically benefit 4 champions directly the most. Olaf has natural Spell Vamp in one skill of 21% though, gotta take that into account too (imagine Undertow healing him for half his HP on one minion wave, or Reckless Swing healing for more damage than it does to himself).

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There are quite a few that have a silly AP move thrown in there too, like Pantheon and Yorick. They would all benefit from a +%AD Item and AD Spell Vamp the most. There are quite a few heroes out there that could make good use of it. However, I don't think Vayne would ever want it. The Gunblade just feels like an awkward way to reach Spell Vamp, because it grants so much Ability Power. It's not like Sheen where it's extremely cheap either.

I think the goal would be to have something that is a Tier 2-3 Item that grants AD and Spell Vamp without any Lifesteal. Specifically tailored to Ability damage heroes with perhaps some interesting uniqueness beyond those two basics, such as CDR.