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IMO the best thing Riot did since release

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Im really excited to play dominion as its all Ive been asking, I already did a suggestion of a map with 2 lanes and big jungle that focus on fighting and here it is!. I cant wait to play it.

Yeah riot still force players to Grind 100000 hours and still doesnt have replays after years. Ive been playing Dota/hon/blc/lol. But this is what imo gonna set apart him from the rest and make me STOP playing the others.

If they did remove Flash from SR , not being afraid of making early game champs (like old pantheon that was fun), put replays after years and give option to players to avoid grinding I would say LOL would be the best game ever created.

I dont have faith Riot will do those things but At least this move of making dominion was the best I could expect.