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Rune Page & Masteries & Champion

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Hi, i usually play in the N.A. server. have 2 rune pages and also 5-6 masteries page.
sometime when N.A. server is down for maintenance, i go to Eu West.

same account and in-game name etc. but the problem with the rune page, it will still be there, and also the masteries will still be there. when i press on the masteries and rune page it will go error, and a pop-up box will come out. (both for runes and masteries from N.A. account will still be in there)

and, they should save masteries in the PvPnet database for every player. because today i go to Internet Cafe (usually i play at home), and the masteries are blank.. when we already get used to the game play, it is a pain to re-do while the game is countdown 5,4,3,2,1
hope this can be fixed as well.

sometime when i change from N.A. server, and go to EU west server. my champion from N.A. server will appears on the EU west account as well. (when i press it, error again)

(PS: not sure if anyone post this type of problem before, sorry if it is a repeat tread or theres a solution for this one, admin could remove this or, move it to the correct section.)
(hope the solution could be send to my "mail/inbox/message" thanks.)

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your masteries and runes from your NA account do NOT transfer over to your Eu account, even if it has the same name. So when you go to these internet cafes and such make sure you are on your NA account which has everything. you may be accidentally logging into your Eu account, which doesn't have everything your main does.

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It wasn't that long ago that we couldn't save mastery pages at all. While it was a bit of a hassle, I didn't find it hard to adjust my masteries before each game... just don't auto-lock, and you'll be fine.