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Should Morgana's spell shield be changed

yes 98 60.49%
no 64 39.51%
Voters 162 .

Morgana's Shield

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Senior Member


Black Shield is OK because most Morgana players are terrible.

And without Black Shield Morgana would be useless. Her boiling ground spell is only useful for killing creeps, her root is hard to land (though awesome when it does, however most good players can dodge it easy), and her ult is OK. If they nerf or remove Black Shield, she'll be just wasted space. Besides, playing her is boring, most of the time you're just spamming Black Shield on some carry hero.

LOL, even with out black shield she would still be more powerful then some hero's out there.

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Bump. This spell is OP

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Senior Member


I think it is slightly OP, but I think it would be a mistake to overnerf it. If anything, it shines in the current metagame of mainly physical dps combined with stun spells. If you have a power nuker on your team you can often remove her shield in a single nuke, making it much less powerful.

So anyway, nerf it, but don't overnerf it, because if nukers ever really come in vogue it will be totally useless.

And let's not forget that she honestly isn't that powerful in lategame teamfights anyway, so her shield on Yi is her biggest contribution.

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Sean Connery



This needs a nerf badly. It devours ultimates, and she can have it up way too often.