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I'm so mad

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Souul Reaper

Senior Member


1st: snowball items are bullsh*t because wukong last game would actually go in 2v5 with soraka and his fully stacked soto at 30 mins and come out with a pentakill at full hp (and he calls it skill to stack soto and not lucky to get fed).

2nd: ANTI-CRIT FFS, there is (anti-)healing, damage, ap, ad, cc, ms, as, but not a single crit chance/ damage reducing item/ ability. getting 30% of your hp destroyed by a gp crit or a raging trynd after that thornmail is no fun either.

well, this is just my opinion at the time (I'm angry now, seriously). maybe its time for and spell that allows you to kill someone instantly from full hp if they have more than 100% your ad (even if it has the cooldown of revive) >.<