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Akali Q and A!?

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Here's the deal, I have a few questions about Akali's mechanics so I want to ask them and let others ask questions that I will add to this as well. If you answer a question, please quote which question or which # question as well as if you are 100% sure about your answer, or assume, or have a theory about your answer. Provide source if possible please. And lastly, please do not ask for an item build or rune page or anything of that sort. This is about learning her mechanics, not her cookie cutters.

#1 Can Akali be seen in her Shroud if someone has an oracle or ward placed? YES
#2 What is the proper opening skill rotation in a teamfight and solo fight? Q -- > R ---> Autoattack --> E ---> Q ----> Autoattack ---> R
#3 Are Meja's working with passive or is it bugged? Bugged currently, though i havent tried it yet
#4 Has anyone else had Shroud not work properly? No
#5 What are the essences for exactly? See below
#6 How does Shadow work exactly? Its only for your ult, its like corkis where it charges over time [but you only get 3 charges]
#7 Can you Shadow over walls? IE stealing baron. Yes, to any ENEMY within range
#8 Akali's innate spellvamp appears to trigger off crescent strike even though it's physical damage. Does Guise trigger too? Does Guise spellvamp off Mystic shot, for instance?

All the ones frequently asked that I can think of at the moment, Please feel free to ask your own questions and I'll add the good ones to the list. Thanks and I hope this helps the community learn this new hero.

I responded in the quote

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1) yes
2) depends on if you are AP or AD
3) bugged
4) no
5) charges for ult like corki
6) like shunpo but only for enemies
7) yes, if you can see your target
8) spell vamp triggers off of spell casts, not necesarily magic damage. triggers of of garens skills, mystic shot, crecent strike, etc. same applys to rylai's. Damage from spells, not just magic damage. spell vamp does trigger of of her other passive, but rylai's does not.

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I have one additional question. I was attempting to gain her spell vamp passive in the beginning through AD runes (2 AD total) + Dorans blade (6 AD) + Brute Force (2/3 atm) but it didn't seem to work (I'm only lvl 15 atm). Anyone found a way for this to work? I figured having passive off the start would be a nice way to focus on AP for stronger burst early.

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'#4 Has anyone else had Shroud not work properly?'

Shroud seams to turn off auto attacks to prevent un-sleathing. another 'bug' is that if you auto attacking something and shadow something else, she will run back to auto attack her originial target.

EZ Q is different, its like parley, aka it applies on-hit effects like sheen or phage. i dont think it spell vamp (but not 100% sure) but it wont apply spell effect like Railey`s

'Okay I wanna ask how Stealth works, I just realized Im not that clear with it'

Eve and Twitch have a delay before going invis and attacking them with make it longer each hit (up to 5 sec i think)

Shaco and Akali gain invis instantly.

In all cases. Invis DOESNT protect them from damage (Aoes, skill shots, poisons, expunge/Ken W active) nor with damage break their stealth (like WoW). They will remain invis until they perform an action or time runs out on the invis.

Shen having a skil shot type (not targeted) taunt can actually force invis to attack him, breaking their stealth.

Akali suffers from having to stay in a small area to remain stealth. Shen can pick her up easy since he knows where to taunt, Ramus can ram her, any skill shot, mostly jenna's tornado or EZ`s E, Ashe`s cone, Nunu's ult, Garen or Akali`s Aoe.

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Trux 42:
I was trying to trick them into thinking I was in the bomb while I stayed in brush, but it revealed me because I didn't step in it

I like to shroud near the bushes, walk into it, and then into bushes. If done properly your shroud will wear away and you won't be in it. Works pretty cool when running away, confusing, juking. Also a good use for it, as shown in Phreak's video, is that you can shroud for a minion wave to by pass you continuing down the lane, then Shadow out of the shroud while your attacker is waiting in the shroud for it to run up. Works well!