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Can you please break up the Dominion patch into parts?

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Terry Atken

Senior Member


Dominion is coming "soon", and it's most likely going to be a rather big patch, considering its a whole new map. Seeing as this game has problems with just regular champion patches, and server instability, I can't imagine the hell it's going to be on Dominions patch release. The amount of people that will try to download it at the same time would be insane, and also probably overwhelm the servers themselves.

Can you guys please take a cue from Blizzards World of Warcraft, and release Dominion (which is probably already fully done) into manageable parts? While yes, it will be somewhat annoying for people to have to wait to play their games while downloading parts of a feature on occasion, that wont be available yet for a few weeks. However, I think in the long run it will save everyone a lot of time (and grief) if you split up the patch into manageable chunks that wont totally kill your servers.

By the time you want to really release Dominion, it would be nice that we only have to download the remaining quarter of the patch, and (hopefully) not swamp the servers on its true release. That way, we can, you know, actually play the game on patch day, instead of staring at a queue that has the infinity symbol in lieu of sanity.