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Add Actives to an Item

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I looooove active abilities on items, they are so fun to use and add a lot of neat tricks up your sleave for certain champion builds. I honestly wish every advanced item had an active, it would make you feel like you're actually using the item instead of just getting stats from it.

Sure sure it would be game breaking, but this is more for fun.

Personally i'd add the following:

Active on Sunfire Cape: bursts a small aoe that burns everyone in the radius (burn effect similar to that of dragon's)

Active on archangels staff: next spell cast adds an additional 3% of max mana to your AP, but costs 2x as much mana

Active on wits end: adds 1/2 your effective MR to your AS as a % for 4 seconds

Active on Glacial shroud: adds 2% of your max mana to your armor for 3 seconds

Active on force of nature: gives a 15 tenacity aura for 6 seconds

What actives would you add?

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I approve