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Movement speed item for casters?

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I hate Lich Bane... It doesn't help Ezrael much as now it doesn't make his spells more powerful other than the AP. The only champions I think I want to ever use Lich on is Gangplank (Parley uses Lich Bane fromw aht I hear... while Riot ruined Ezrael by taking this away from him...), and Veigar. Veigar however I think I would only use Lich Bane in non PVP though, and I never even tried Gangplank Lich Bane...

Lich Bane does not really ever compare to AD champs who can just get 2 phantom dancers and 1 infinity edge, and think nothing about having nearly 100% crit chance and doing basically 1k EVERY FREAKING HIT.