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AD Sona - TForce interaction with Power Chord: Staccato?

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Just wondering how Trinity Force interacts with Sona's Q power chord. Would it simply add 150% of your base AD as damage to the Staccato damage + your total attack damage?

TForce = 151 damage (101 * 1.5)
Staccato = 176 damage (14 + 9*lvl)
AD = 131 damage (101 + 30 from TForce)

Total damage = 458?

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Trinity Force's proc is 150% of your base AD, that is any AD without runes, items, or masteries. Except for figuring Trinity Force as +150% instead of 150% (or +50%) you've got the numbers right, it would be 151+30+176=357 damage, and Staccato's a magic damage based proc isn't it? So that means that it's about 50/50 in damage output there and requires them to have equal MR/Armor to defend against it. A good strategy.