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GP5 items Unique Passive?

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Gold per 5 items all indicate the actual passive that gives 5 gold per 10 sec is unique thus stacking them is useless right?.
if you have 4 of them you should only get an additional 5 gold per 10 seconds (as opposed to getting 20 gold per 10 sec from them stacking)?

I often see players stacking various GP5 items. Obviously they have additional benefits (most of them are fairly minimal) but I can only assume most players stack them to stack the GP5 passive for more gold; after realizing its a unique passive, doesnt that mean you cant gain more than 5 golder per 10 no matter how many you have?

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The UNIQUE Passive just means that you can't stack the same exact gp/10 item (don't know why people call them gp5 items) for the effect. The CD boost from Nashor, the Spell Vamp of Revolver, the Magic Pen from Haunting Guise, and a few other items have this tag. The only items that say UNIQUE and really can't stack at all are Archangel/Manamune/Tear of the Goddess, Sheen/Trinity Force/Lich Bane, and boots. I might be forgetting 1 other group of items but those are all the ones I remember atm.

You can no longer stack 2 Philosopher Stone or 2 Heart of Gold, but you can stack a Philo and Heart together for 10gp/10 and some great sustain stats.

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I miss stacking 4 heart of golds on my jungle when they gave armor, it was so fun