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[Guide Request] Ryze, The Rouge Mage

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Anyone have any idea how a Ryze stacking AP and a couple of Phantom Dancers would fair?

I'm kinda scared to try him outside of practice, but I kinda see potential in fast, powerful autoattacks, decient dodge (with dodge runes stacked), good amount of crits (if you took Furor runes, you'd still get half the passive from infinity edge for free), with a root and 2 high powered nukes.

A couple of Picks and sorc boots, A couple of Zeals, then upgrade and stack AP as time permits. I don't see the reason why Ryze can't hit just as hard if not harder (auto-attack wise, at least) than some of the melee DPS out there. And since you're stacking AP for damage instead of Attack, you aren't gimping his nukes much.

Ryze is fun to play bursting big damage, but in teamfights, I prefer consistant dps to burst, and I think you can get both.