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{Guide} The Carry Ashe

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The thread contains comparisons of the effectiveness of various dps combos compared to their costs, you might wanna have a looksee

Thanks so much for this link! It has confirmed some suspicions, given new insights, and mainly made me really excited to experiment with different item combinations.

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If ur good at last hitting starks is very good. You can get this thing at lv 6. Armor pen, lifesteal, attack speed, health regen, movement speed, all ashe needs. Ashe needs attack speed+lifesteal more than flat hp for survivability (so squishy anyway, and only resist she should get is banshee's, and maybe treads for heavy CC team). I find madred friggin amazing on ashe after bloodthirster. Try to rush bloodthirster and recurve bow first for that lifesteal+attack speed. Ashe has natural crits so if u manage to get a lot of last hits u can finish these by lv 10, absolutely devastating against their squishies. Their team will think (omg this nub getting only dmg items when farmed well and fed imma get hp and armor).. then you move on to madreds or last whipsher. I don't find rushing IF does any good to ashe unless her team knows wtf they're doing (CCing dps, protecting kiting ashe, etc) If one just rushes IF, the other team knows ur strong, but squishy with no real survivability. If the other team decides to turtle you should farm and get some survivabilty like banshees or leviathan, even warmogs. If the other team is very aggressive you just get more dmg items after LW or Brazor (inf edge, bcleaver, etc). Bottom line is, Lifesteal Scepter-Bfsword-350boots-recurvebow-bthirster-swiftness-LW/madreds (game usually over by this time)

Always take mid, and learn to shoot those arrows to the other lanes.

Summoner spells - Ghost Teleport, Ghost and Flash if ur trying this build out for first time.

My build relies a lot, however, on the fact that the game is even or my team is on slight advantage. It also relies on a lot of map awareness (Don't push far even if u only see 1 enemy missing) It is very gold-dependent, so I get 1 plentiful bounty before lv 6. Get those last hits! Instead of putting mastery on exhaust/ignite I put those 2 on minion masteries. Only gank other lanes if the other mid soloist goes ganking. You see people coming to get u you pop that ghost and kite. Don't chase even low hp champs if u see 3 people coming at you. Teleport can be very manipulating. You go back, and when the other enemy mid pushes tower, you shoot your arrow down mid lane and teleport to the minion (not the nearest one, you might die.. lol) when ur arrow hits with the long stun ur right there to attack him. This forces the person to either go back (free farming)! or even die (free gold) Catalyist-stinger-brutalizer combo is pretty good too if you want to play safe and want to be more of a support than straight out carry.

This is not a perfect guide, but works extremely well with my team which consist of 5 300~400 win summoners. No guides are perfect. If you find better items that suit ur playing style feel free to replace any item builds, and criticize me also.