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Brief Guide to Laning/Ganking Phase

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When you get farther into the game people will tell you this game has a laning and a ganking phase.

The Laning phase is roughly (but not always) the first half of the game.
It is a time when the players separate into different lanes and kill minions for money.

The Ganking phase is when people leave the lanes they are in and gather up to do things as a team.
Ganking phase may also be called Pushing phase or just Teaming phase.
It represents a time when people can't be by themselves anymore and they have to stay in a group because the enemy is in a group as well.

It is a concept that can be misleading because not all games will occur in the same way.
Strategies and phases may change based on the champions that are in play.
Before I explain why I have to explain some other basic things to keep in mind.

For Summoner's Rift, the lane composition during the lane phase usually consists of 2 champions in both top and bottom lanes and 1 champion in the middle lane per team.
On average the lane phase will last for about 5-20 minutes depending on many factors that I will discuss in a little bit.

For Twisted Treeline, the lane composition usually consists of 2 champions on bottom lane and 1 champion on top lane but the gank phase seems to be during most of the match and the lane phase only occurs in bursts when the fighting is quiet.

Why phases can be misleading.
There are certain times when ganks will occur near the beginning of the match.
Usually this will happen before all the champions settle into their lanes for the laning phase so be careful near the start of matches.
You can also anticipate a gank if you notice (always watch the mini map) that there are missing champions.
Always be wary of brush if champions are missing. This will save you from walking into death traps.

New players - You will NEVER get better unless you learn this, it's called "map-awareness". You need to know what is happening all the time, or you WILL die.

Also there are some champions that decide instead of laning they will fight minions in the jungle instead. This is called jungling and it can be difficult if you don't know what you are doing.

Certain champions that affect the phases.
Akali - Can turn invisible at level 1.
Ashe - She is able to shoot her ultimate into other lanes which means ganks may occur with minimal warning of missing champions.
Evelynn - Can turn invisible from level 1 so be careful.
Ezreal - Same as Ashe.
Fiddlesticks - He is able to teleport a short distance into a lane and deal AoE damage in a short amount of time.
Gangplank - His ultimate makes a circle anywhere on the map that will make random bursts of damage within it.
Heimerdinger - He is dedicated almost entirely to sitting in a lane with his turrets.
Karthus - His ultimate will damage all of his enemy champions no matter where they are on the map.
Kassadin - He can teleport short distances multiple times so be careful when he goes missing.
Shaco - A highly mobile champion that is a favorite for ganking enemies throughout the game.
Shen - He is able to teleport to his allies from anywhere on the map which may quickly change the outcome of a fight.
Sivir - She has the ability to lane the entire game.
Twisted Fate - He gains vision of his enemies and can teleport anywhere on the map at level 6.
Twitch - Can turn invisible from level 1 so be careful.
Udyr - A highly mobile champion that is similar to Shaco and Warwick.
Warwick - A moderately mobile champion that may jungle and gank throughout the entire game.

Akali, Evelynn, Twitch and Shaco are all champions that can turn invisible at level 1 so be careful if they disappear from the mini map.

Ashe, Ezreal, Gangplank, Karthus and Shen are all heroes that can contribute to a gank without having to be in the same place as where the gank is occuring. Thus it will alter the way the gank phase occurs from level 6 and on.

Sivir is a champion that excels at killing masses of minions therefore she will most likely lane for a good portion of the game longer then average.

Heimerdinger will set turrets in a lane and will be there for most of the game. Sometimes he will switch lanes depending on circumstances such as if a lane is losing or is over pushed.

A comprehensive guide to laning.
Leaguecraft Guide to Laning
A guide to Twisted Treeline

Ending notes, please feel free to ask questions if something needs to be clarified.
Thank You to the people that helped me fill in the gaps on heroes that I had forgotten and overall helped with the guide.

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Tip: If kassadin is missing, he is 90% coming to gank you and 10% getting the golem buff so he can stack 8 rifts to gank you faster.

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I would just like to add that if you're vsing a Twisted Fate who is past level 6, do NOT over extend. A good Twisted will be watching for an easy gank like that. Shen is a similar deal, especially if your enemy has a good stun or slow to keep you in range for his taunt.

Also, want to say that new Heimer is far less dependent on sitting in a lane. Still can be done, but he should move around more and be a kind of mobile 1 turret dropping machine with grenades.

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You should bold certain parts of this.

Always watch the minimap.

New players - You will NEVER get better unless you learn this, it's called "map-awareness". You need to know what is happening all the time, or you WILL die.

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How do i gank?