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[Guide]Tryndamere 3Z build

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zeal stacking... Are you hoping for the game to end before people can afford real items?
SIRTURTLE: Its three items only one of which will not Upgrade. The other two will become P.dancers freeing up your crit item choices, giving you unseen survivability. the point is to rush three zeals giving you speed and maneuverability. Trynds weak point is his early and mid game. He can’t chase well enough to get kills without move speed. And a ghost blade is LESS speed than 3 zeals on a 60 second timer for only 4 seconds. This guide helps you get through that mid game period strong and farmed. ANYONE can come on here as you’ve done and post RUSH INFINITY EDGE ZOMARG. But how are you going to get there on a slow hero that can’t escape/or kill... Bout the only thing you’re good for till you get your infinity is a non stationary heimer turret with an unreliable slow.
SIRTURTLE: and the fact is the game ends 90% of the time before you CAN get to the point where you need to sell that last zeal.

Vamp scepter at level 1 is real nice... if your enemy lets you stand there and beat on creeps all day...

SIRTURTLE: predicted this response in my guide. Learn to tower hug/ lane with someone decent. I described how to agro craps to the side and past a tower in my guide. This is key. And spinning slash actually makes you enough of a threat to beat on creeps in some cases.

crit gloves + 2 hp pots
Ghost blade (KEY)
merc treads or speed 3 boots*
executioners calling
infinity edge
(get whatever you want here, suggestions are as follows)
Frozen mallet
last whisper
Blood thirster

SIRTURTLE: So... basically don’t do anything but jungle the entire first 25 minutes of the game? No wonder no one plays trynd. Play this way and you’re worthless on a team.

*NEVER get zerkers on a melee, that 25% atk speed will be made up in the extra swings you get off by being able to catch your enemy and the extra survivability you'll gain by being able to outrun the opposition.

SIRTURTLE: agree unless You’re about to stomp face vs a bad TT comp. In which case cleanse will take care of that. And you have a 8 second slash/blink with 24% run speed. Sometimes you can justify zerkers. Mostly not.

Skill comp varies on who you are going to lane with. With some random person? max bloodlust. With a healer? max mocking shout.

Mocking shout does more than slow the enemy, it adds survivability by reducing the damage they do.
SIRTURTLE: For a few seconds... Doesn’t help you farm, is unreliable as a slow. I know a some people like mocking shout first, but it really doesn’t shine till later in the game when you’re enough of a threat that it will make the difference in getting you kills and in team battles. Also does not protect vs spell damage or harassment, doesn’t let you counter harass either. Does not counter range physical harassment damage simply because they still have a good 10 second window if you spam on cooldown to land hits on you. Instead of people able to punish them when they get close to you you simply give yourself time to run, sometimes. This equals less potential to snowball early game.

spinning slash damage is WORTHLESS and it should only be used as an escape ability to move away from/towards the enemy and to go through walls.

SIRTURTLE: Not worthless, used to think this. Then I realized that spinning slash +2 crit = farmage and +150 damage to a spin Crit combo at level 5. Also when you spin on someone, crit then you can spin again in fairly short order. Spin is hardly worthless if you play it like a nuke and take advantage of the instant auto attack after.

Skill build with a healer:
Undying Rage > Mocking shout > Bloodlust > Spinning slash

Skill build without a healer:
Undying Rage > Bloodlust > Mocking shout > Spinning slash

First four levels are
Mocking shout
(See guide)
Spinning slash
SIRTURTLE: By taking your build order you play so defensively you almost can’t snowball. Also the only way you could sit back and farm this much is on summoner’s rift, this build would leave you worthless on TT

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Pinkypig - I love how you highjacked a guide thread with another totally different guide. The OP was showing us a new way of playing Trynd, not the same old **** you posted.

I have had some great success with Trynd post patch and some preety epic fails as well. One of the new strengths is his ability to stay in a lane. I acctually built some AP into my page and level bloodlust heavily early on. Paired with a vamp scepter you can even out last Ez or Ashe or anyone really.

Once you get Spinning slash up a few levels with said ap\level runes in blue you are one shotting a creep wave, or **** close. not to mention smoking heroes and auto attacking. Spinning into range and landing exhaust then mocking shout soon after is golden.

The mocking shout vs spinning slash debate is a hard one. imo Bloodlust > spiining slash > mocking shout.. That being said mocking shout points should depend alot on how the enemy is playing. If they are aggressive and sorta squishy then some more mocking shout is good. They will extend in - they will take dmg and be vulnerable - you will spin in, exhaust, then mocking shout. They will die. If they are conservative then mocking shout is nearly useless early on.

Bottom line. I like this build alot. I might push the PD earlier if the enemy is AD heavy. Maybe get ninja tabby as well. MM 6.8% from runes and 2 PDs?? yum!

Good job Kingturtle!

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I found this guide very helpful. I like Tyrn's mechanics so I like using him, but I haven't had much success...until now.
Once you have mobility Tryn is very viable, the Boots and the Zeals are very nice, and 1v2 with Endless Rage up is usually no problem, especially if they turn tail and try to run.

Great job on tthe guide!