Akali attack power?

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Is it just me but besides getting the initial 10 attack power its not worth it? I know it boosts normal attack dmg and the 1 skill by 60%. But attack power items cost double as much as ability power and crescent gives 30% off ability power. Im not saying guinso's not worth it. You get attack power as you level up but not ability power. So when you wind up end game at 250 attack power instead of 170 without any attack power items. It just doesn't seem to make a big deal.

My build order is.
Doran's blade(2 attack power quint's)
ap book
boots 1
ap book -> mejai(if game is going well)/ haunting guise
sorc. boots
(if chose mejai) haunting guise
sheen->lich bane
(sell doran's if you chose mejai) then have choise between rylai's, deathfire zhoran's ring.
final spot if you didnt chose mejai(sell doran's) zhoran's ring.