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[Guide]Tryndamere 3Z build

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[Guide]Tryndamere Saturday, May 10, 2010
This will be a quick guide to one of my favorite heros, Tryndamere. While having some of the best raw damage potential of any hero in the game Tryndamere is generally considered Underpowered by most. Having played around 90 games with him 70 of those post MEGA NERF that he received in beta I’d like to share one of the only ways I‘ve had success in playing him.
I’ll post what I’ve discovered so far in playing him and what works and what doesn’t and hopefully why.
1. Skills

[Q] Bloodlust: Tryndamere thrives on the thrills of combat. Whenever Tryndamere kills a unit he temporarily gains increased attack damage and critical strike damage.

Passive: Whenever Tryndamere critically strikes or kills a unit, he gains two (2) stacks of bloodlust when not affected and one (1) stack each kill or critical strike thereafter. Each stack of Bloodlust increases damage by 4.00 damage and critical strike damage by 1.5%/2.25%/3.0%/3.75%/4.5%.Stacks last for 15 seconds.

Active: Tryndamere consumes his Bloodlusts, restoring 10/20/30/40/50 health per stack of Bloodlust.

Comments: Early game they will supplement whatever early lane regen you have, while giving a small boost of 24 damage maximum to your attack and enabling crits about 100-140 starting out depending on target and masteries. With a high critical strike rate and a few CD reductions u can heal in a fight with these mid game. Late game they will enable you to rejoin the fight faster and save you from deaths you would have otherwise had while fleeing after an ult to damage over time debuffs such as ignite or poison from teemo,pirate,twitch.

[W] Mocking Shout: Tryndamere lets out an insulting cry, decreasing surrounding champions' physical damage. Enemies with their backs turned to Tryndamere also have their movement speed slowed.

Active: (Costs 25 Health) Decreases surrounding champions' physical damage by 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100, and enemies with their backs turned also have their movement speed slowed by 30% / 37.5% / 45% / 52.5% / 60%. Lasts 5 seconds.

Comments: A unreliable snare that doubles as a defensive spell. Lights up when enemy heros are nearby sometimes giving you and early warning to a stealth hero or brush gank. I strongly suggest NOT getting this early game. Why? it does not help you farm, trynd is not an early game presence with fewer points into spinning slash, and lowering your bloodlust points will only weaken your ability to harass and have presence in a lane. Mid game one point into this makes it a useful utility spell. Late game -100 damage can help a squishy on your team survive an attack or help you turn the tables on another carry. Also useful in team battle for reducing overall physical DPS of the opposing team.

[E] Spinning Slash: Tryndamere slices toward a target unit, dealing damage to enemies in his path.

Active: (Costs 40/50/60/70/80 Health) Tryndamere spins through his enemies, dealing 50% damage plus 60/105/150/195/240 damage to enemies in his path. If Tryndamere critical strikes the current Cool down of this skill is reduced by 3 seconds.

Comments: This is your main farming, escape, tower defense, and offensive skill early game. You will prioritize this over every other skill. Incredibly useful for dodging over walls and juking in the jungle. Because your attack timer is reset after casting this skill you can spin and immediately attack after landing on top of an enemy hero. If this attack is a crit you can unleash a nice bit of damage before running away. You can also adjust the length that you travel and last hit multiple creeps. Speed of your spin improves with your move speed. with 100% crit late game you can absolutely ravage large amounts of creeps in short order since your cd is reduced by three seconds every time you attack.

With high crit rate this skill becomes an unstoppable chasing skill. Essentially becoming a blink with 400 damage on a 2-3 second CD late game. You can spin past a a hero, crit twice, spin past again and rinse/repeat.
[R] Undying Rage: Tryndamere's lust for battle becomes so strong that he is unable to die, no matter how wounded he becomes.

Active: Tryndamere becomes completely immune to death for 6 seconds, refusing to be reduced below 1 health. His abilities have no cost during this time and he gains 4 / 6 / 8 Bloodlust stacks.

Comments: This is the skill that your enemies will hate you for. If you 1vs.1 in the jungle with another hero this will ensure you rape any other carry that you are equally fed with. It guarantee’s you six seconds of slammin on something. Make it count. Can be used for tower diving early game, also good to bait other heros with for a team gank. Can also be used to finish off a turret if it’s unprotected and a good escape route is handy or someone on your team just scored an ace.
You are incredibly vulnerable to all kinds of debuffs with this skill.

8 bloodlust(if your doing amazing for some reason then pick mocking shout, or if you’re on TT and need to counter a stealth hero)
10 mocking shout or if you already have one level of it pick bloodlust
13mocking shout
14mocking shout
15mocking shout

I’ve tried numerous skill build orders and this one seems to work the best for almost all situations. I’ll explain my choices.

Why I don’t prioritize mocking shout. It doesn’t help you kill things. If you spend points (plural) into mocking shout you either cripple your resiliency to harass and ability to survive using your ult, or you cripple your Farming and harassment ability with spinning slash. You will be able to defend the tower better early game, but being unable to defend yourself your opponent will quickly learn to either use spells or simply hit and run, as you won’t be able to deal with high levels of harassment, you’ll fall quickly. Spinning slash is enough of an AoE threat that you can use it to both defend your tower and score quick kills should anyone with low hp get close enough, you can’t cleanse a well aimed slash. Slash will put enough fear into your opponents that you’ll be able to actually be offensive and perhaps score some kills instead of just turtling like you’re forced to do with mocking shout prioritized.

Why I don’t prioritize bloodlust. Same problem as mocking shout. You simply can’t do any damage and are useless in fights. You can’t attack back against your enemies and will be forced to tower hug anyway. Prioritized bloodlust first is an even dumber idea than mocking shout.

Why I don’t take mocking shout before levels 8-10. You simply can’t survive in a lane without at least 2 levels of bloodlust right away. You will be harassed and screwed over. You CAN get a regen item and chill in safety between you’re lane’s two towers but you’ll be unable to get gold this way. Mocking shout either screws over bloodlust or lowers your spinning slash damage. Taking points away from your other skills makes you not a threat. And you are really no longer able to justify mocking shout before 8 and in most cases 10.


Scores you kills when you shouldn’t get them. Pwns healers in just the right moments. Ignores MR and is guaranteed damage. Amazing skill, can turn a wasted ult into a 2 for 1 trade ult. Many games all my early kills will be scored off a combination of this, lucky crits, and a well aimed slash.

100% non negotiable. You cannot play Tryndamere without this skill. Without this skill your ult is useless. This skill will save your life from DoT spells, and enable to you keep attacking during you ult scoring you kills.

Other options, ghost is an option, but is redundant with my suggested item build. Flash is also an option but being as nerfed as it is it will not have the impact on your game that ignite will. Also you should have so much Move speed that flash won’t matter. Also, you have a flash on an 8 second cooldown.

Don’t use heal. It’s like a stack of bloodlusts you can only use once every 270 seconds. Not worth it at all. It won’t make the difference between dying and living. In 90% of cases.

Reds and Purples- Critical strike chance – must have for a decent early game. +16% early game crit is NEEDED

Yellows- dodge chance, can be replaced with critical strike, however early game nimbleness from masteries can save you when you attack in creeps. Also stacks with your P. dancer later.

Blues- Cooldown reduction, helps your ult be around and enables spinning slash spam. Helps you spam bloodlust more.


21-9-0 is also a viable build however having cleanse on a 100 second cooldown is by itself enough reason for me to choose defense mastery. Also the extra HP, reduced damage from minion attacks, allows you to survive better early on, which is one of your main problems as trynd.

Vamp stick.
merc treads or zerkers if you must. Zerkers are cheaper and allow you to get to your zeals faster.
exec calling or BF sword
Bf sword or Exec calling

You can figure it out from here. If the game lasts long enough(it won’t) you can go double Pdancer and sell a zeal for whatever you want. I have not yet been brave enough to try a sword of the occult in any of my 90 games. In my past 20 games trying this build I have gotten less than even kills once, 6-7-7 and only even K/D ratio twice. The rest of the time it has been a solid 2-1 kd ratio or higher including my all time high with trynd at 28 kills.

Why I chose vamp stick first: I discovered by accident how good it is when an early first blood also left me dead. I bought a vamp stick with the 450 gold I had and it made a remarkable difference in my ability to regenerate and tower hug/defend. With trynds High crit chance due to his passive he is able to regen health when he needs to. Each crit with this mastery setup heals you for around 20-22 points of health. Trynd is better able to take advantage of a vamp stick than most other heros. Also allows for jungling whenever you’d like. Although you won’t normally be doing that.

Many will argue against this by saying that NUB u can’t attack creeps safely with trynd. To which I will reply… lrn2towerhug kk thnx. In other words agro the creeps away from the tower and draw them to the side and past the tower to attack. You masteries will protect you form the brunt of damage and allow you to regenerate even while being attacked.

Other first option choices and why I don’t choose them.

Dorian’s blade- Not enough vamp to make a real difference, also doesn’t combine into anything else. The higher Hp is usefull, but won’t save you from continued harassment like vamp stick will.

dorians shield- no combine, less regen than would be granted by vamp stick.

regrowth pendant- again less regen than vampstick and no combine for items later.

Crit gloves+pots- 8% crit will nto make enough of a regen difference to enable trynd to survive or attack better. He already will obtain 40% crit with runes and passive at 58% or so health, 48% is does not proc a significant amount more bloodlusts to justify it. Also vamp stick is well able to take advantage of critical strikes when trynd is lower on Hp. Pots are darn useful but will be used fairly quickly early on while vamp stick continues to allow a strong laneing presence (due to actually being able to regain Hp if creeps come near your tower at ALL) all the way through the laneing stage. Also, should you have a strong Partner you will be able to attack creeps with impunity making you able to be very aggressive with your spinning slashes.

Why Three Zeals? Because the game won’t end in time for it to matter that you don’t want to stack 3 P.dancers. because this is the quickest way to rack up move speed on a hero that desperately needs it. Trynds main problem is that he cannot really use his great attack dps half the time because he is not on top of the enemy when he needs to be.

Why three zeals instead of two?

CHASER: Because with only 2 zeals many heros can still out move you, going for a P.dancer delays the time it takes to get your Bloodthirster. 3 zeals gives you 24% faster movespeed. You move at 461. With three zeals almost nothing but YI and Udyr can outrun you, and you can keep up with Udyr until he gets a higher ranked bear stance. Three zeals is so much cheap move and attack speed that you can keep up with people that use ghost. NOTHING can get away from you. You have a blink,snare, and insane mobility, you can also dive towers thanks to your ult. NO ONE is safe in your presence, you will chase them, catch them, and often get away.

CREEPKILLS: Also when I started using this build I began to notice a trend in the stats screen, outside of heimer or sivir I would almost always have the most creep kills. This started when I began using the 3 zeals build. Having enormous move speed enabled me to be wherever the creeps were and to jungle at an incredible pace. I would often finish a 25-30 minute game with 210+ creep kills and 50 or more neutral kills. The one hour long game I had I ended up with 500+ creep kills and 100+ neutral creep kills. This helps you farm which helps you get kills, which snowballs you, and you RAPE FACE when you snowball. This also allows you to defend and harass enemy towers quite well, you are able to spin through walls allowing you to often kill a tower and be away before the enemy knows you’ve done it. Massive creep kills also allows you to turn a game that is a losing game around. It insures that once you hit mid game with 1 or less deaths you will snowball and start killing things.

ESCAPE: three zeals is like a permanent ghost spell. With cleanse to erase snares you can escape from just about anyone, you juke in the jungle incredibly well, you can run away heal yourself on a creep ground and be back in a team battle before the team battle is over. Having this much movement speed often means that people will stop chasing you. And gives you the ability to get away before you ult wears off, a huge problem for most trynds.

Why lifesteal items. With a bloodthirster and and an executioners calling you will be healing for around 150 hp per hit, and you hit fast. This naturally allows you to say in a fight much longer and this amount of healing is almost overpowered on Twisted treeline. You’re ult makes it so that most of the time you will not be focused unless you Rambo in first(don’t) this healing takes care of the secondary aoe damage that you will take in team fights. Without constant healing of some sort you just sorta die, and HP items on trynd take FOREVER to get and you never end up being very useful with them.

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Interesting build, I think I will try it out but I don't have crit chance runes atm but it should still be somewhat effective.

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wow.. truly an amazing threat im also an tryn newb player and your item build and ur playing style is also amazing=)

ty i will try your setup

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Works on garen aswell..! Had my had my best garen game with 3 zeal, mercury and executinors blade and we had 2 feeders on my team.

One minus, not so much survival, altough, a **** load of run speed like 470 and 550 with ghost.

Insted of bloodthirster i took ruinen armor - the new one, cant spell it.

Awesome guide keep up the good work!

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lane with soraka or taric. Then you can be on the offensive and actually harass the enemy instead of just tower hugging/last hitting.

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lane with soraka or taric. Then you can be on the offensive and actually harass the enemy instead of just tower hugging/last hitting.

agreed. I solo queque a ton. maybe because i played DotA and i know how bad the player-base could really be the occasional bad player doesn't bother me. So i tend to make do with what i can.

that being said any hero that helps you heal is a definate asset to you as a lane mate. The guide tells you what to do in a 2vs1 situation. and you can 2vs1 with this build and a little caution.

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Beegly Boogs

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You take slash over blood lust level 1? gl in the lane.

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There's nothing wrong with a level 1 slash instead of blood lust. If a fight breaks out early, you'll be a lot more useful, and it doesn't take long to reach level two in any case. If you're getting harrassed to much to stay for level 2, chances are blood lust wasn't going to be any useful anyways.

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zeal stacking... Are you hoping for the game to end before people can afford real items?

Vamp scepter at level 1 is real nice... if your enemy lets you stand there and beat on creeps all day...

crit gloves + 2 hp pots
Ghost blade (KEY)
merc treads or speed 3 boots*
executioners calling
infinity edge
(get whatever you want here, suggestions are as follows)
Frozen mallet
last whisper
Blood thirster

*NEVER get zerkers on a melee, that 25% atk speed will be made up in the extra swings you get off by being able to catch your enemy and the extra survivability you'll gain by being able to outrun the opposition.

Skill comp varies on who you are going to lane with. With some random person? max bloodlust. With a healer? max mocking shout.

Mocking shout does more than slow the enemy, it adds survivability by reducing the damage they do.

spinning slash damage is WORTHLESS and it should only be used as an escape ability to move away from/towards the enemy and to go through walls.

Skill build with a healer:
Undying Rage > Mocking shout > Bloodlust > Spinning slash

Skill build without a healer:
Undying Rage > Bloodlust > Mocking shout > Spinning slash

First four levels are
Mocking shout
(See guide)
Spinning slash

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California Vibes



I followed the guide's build exactly as it said and I laned with Soraka. This build is amazing IMO because I scored 15/5/10 on my second try. First try 6/4/8