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Was Dominion motivation for the IP nerfs?

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Not a complaint thread, just curious if anyone else thought this. Very excited about Dominion and I am pleased with Riot's desire to create a shorter, faster paced game as I enjoy those more. I was just thinking about the IP changes in relation to Dominions intended game length of ~20 minutes. Whether or not Riot intended it to be the IP changes were a slight nerf for the average game and a massive nerf for the shorter game. According to sites like lolbase.net (when it is working, it's not now) the average game length fluctuates between 34 and 37 minutes. According to the IP chart that Riot provided during the change, you net less IP per win until the 39 minute mark and they only surpass the previous short game IP gains around 44 minutes. Previously a ~20 minute win gained you about 120 IP and now it gets you ~76. The changes took place a while ago but Dominion has been in the works for many months as well. Maybe I'm wrong in thinking that less IP per game = more RP bought but I think the focus on shorter games with Dominion (and future releases most likely) factored into the decision to nerf IP gains. What do you think?