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ok here goes

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My name is Mark and im at college at the moment studying Games Developement and i just wanted to say i wasnt to sure how i was going to like this game compared to DOTA.

Trust me you have won me over on this i will be buying this game 100%.

I also like the idea of you giving the people that helped you test the game special rewards. Very nice.

Now for my feedback on the game of what ive seen so far.

I love the idea of having the background storys. You have made the person move/talk/attack the way i would see these background stories. Also the characters are very unique from a ice bird, to a ninja with about 12 eyes there all awesome.


Most of the animations run smooth and very well but there are a few that i think might be able to be worked upon.

One of these being alistar hit, it doesnt really feel like hes hurting the oponent, i dont no if its the actual animtion or the sound but i would take a look at this.

Tanris's melee attack doesnt seem to have the right sound. i belive the sound should be a stronger sound, he has a huge mace atm but it sounds like its more of a small club i think, you might want to try making it into a blunt kind of sound.

I love annies walk cycle, it tyes in beautifully with her background and her "demon" side tbh.

twitches walk animation could be a little bit better, i mean its alright but it seems to glide when you start buying items maybe if you could hear the footsteps a bit better it might solve this problem.

I dont no about other peoples opinions on this but thats mine.


I dno if anyone else is feeling this buy ryze is WAY OP for my liking. it might not be the character in general, but his ULT is incredibly strong and when the items start coming into play he becomes unreal you see him get a ratio of atleast 5.1 or ever 7.1 sometimes.

Kassadian is pretty strong aswell, IMO his ult the teleport should be 10 - 12 seconds, not 6. its to short for a ult and it means he sticks to your back all points in the game which is very irratating because it happends so often.

I havnt had chance to have a go with him yet but blitzcrank or as i call him "the tank" needs to be nerfed a tiny bit, hes way to strong at the start and his HP is unreal. ive only seen like 1 person out of the 10 times ive seen him die more then 2 times, not because we didnt shoot him, because he takes about 100 hits to kill him.

Singe is also very over powerd, i do not belive that the spell were he goes liek 30 % quicker while gasing you to death is very fair, for people who use characters that are slower like "The Sad Mummy" its nearly impossible to get him of your back and being a unbeatable character if used properly. I was in a game yesterday and the dude got liek 50 - 2 - 3 with him and thats all ive seen out of Singe.

dno about anyone else but i think NuNu's ult should either be downgraded in either of 3 ways.

my first is. Slow should be weaker so you can run away about easier because even if your nearly out the ring its nearly impossible to get away from it.

my second is trying to downgrade damage, not enough so it does nothing but more so it hurts just doesnt kill everyone in a 5 mile radius.

My third suggestion is you should make the AOE is a bit smaller meaning it will not hit everyone in sight, this would help because he would have to get alot closer meaning harder to use it every avalible chance.

these are just my suggestions on the game but i love it and will keep playing it untill the end of time!