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soo need clarification

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since capturing a control point spawns minions, wouldn't it make sense to not capture a point for some time. this way if your opponents capture a point first then they spawn the minions allowing you to farm those minions pulling ahead in xp and gold. and while the score may be 300 to 500 in the enemy favor, your team is up 3 levels and 1K gold. Or are the minions completely ignorable in this game since people will be dieing and killing alot more often than in SR.

Also, I noticed that you get 100 Gold for capturing a point. is this only 100 for the capture or do you get some kind of gold for decapturing an enemy point.

Also, since I played CoH for 4 years, i am very inclined to believe that Riot stole this Idea from Relic but i imagine it didnt originate with relic anyway.

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Features Designer


Minions only spawn if opposing teams control adjacent capture points. They will not spawn towards neutral points, hence it's not possible to farm them in the way you suggest.