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@Riot Another Shen buff thread!? Noooo.....

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.... yes, yes it is.

I've seen quite a few other people calling for shen to be buffed, and after actually playing him for the first time in forever I feel the same way. I really couldn't... DO ANYTHING!

I'm not going to do a line by line of a newer tank, like Leona, to Shen, but I will say that for someone billed as a "pure tank", Leona's defense steroid (eclipse) does as much damage in an AOE as shen's most damaging attack (vorpal)! After playing Leona, or Amumu, or even Jarvan, Shen feels really... bleh. Not just because of his numbers, but because of how little you get to do as him.

Really, I'm not saying anything that hasn't been said before, and I'm not sure about tossing out suggestions of what to do because I definitely haven't mastered him, or mastered this game, but he really needs something to make him better in just about every or any sense of the word.

Otherwise I'm getting a **** refund for that yellojacket skin ]:|

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Their overall mistake was trying to adjust him so that he could carry.