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Problem's with skarner

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So ive been playing skarner for about 20-30 games now and he is an ok champion, hard to use the ult is funny as hell to mess with and slowing the enemy is fun but....

His jungle is pathetic, his attack's are way too close range, his damage is incredibly low with almost all of his abilities, ultime cooldown way too long, super high mana cost's and everything he has requires him to go face on with the enemy and be amongst them, but he has too many problems to make it easy.

1. His Q, insanely low damage and too top it all off to land the stun it takes 2-3 seconds of being near the enemy, this is then nerfed by a slow or a stun, it goes through 2 resistance check's which basicly mean's you do about 100 damage every 2-3 second's at mid game also the range is so tiny that generally auto attacking an enemy whilst chasing with this requires kiting them so you dont fall back and miss the next slow, this then requires you to spam your W to keep up with them if they have any type of stun or slow which most characters do 7 out of 10 times i need ghost to actually land a slow even with 450 move speed

2. His W i love this it constantly keep's me alive in team fight's get's me into gank's get's me the hell out of there and all that, but its short lived at mid game one hit on the shield at level 5 negate's it basicly which remove's your speed which is basicly everything on skarner, this i believe would be an easy fix by letting him keep the move speed and attack speed for the entire time. its quite annoying when you charge in for your ult and brand fire's a fireball into your face and run's away laughing at you while you crawl away leaving the ice trail from rylai's

3, his E prime choice for skarner due to its mediocore scaling with ap ok harrass untill about level 8, problem with harassing with this is it make's you chew up your mana insanely quick at 1-8 so once your out of mana which is normally about level 3 unless you have a sona or massive mana regen which i am forced to use this then lower's your survivability, the heal is ok i guess but isnt strong enough for jungling and doesnt measure up too any other healer's heal except alistar but his heal heal's team mates as well, at level 1 taking on golem is ridiculously hard you heal 42.5 hp every 8 second's which is about 1 hit from minions, even with a leash i am left on about 5-10 percent hp praying that my smite will finish him off and i dont get ganked.

4. his R now when i heard about this ult i was like.... ZOMFGGFFGFG EPIC!!!! then i see that it's basicly an uncleansable mini taunt without the auto attack, ap scaling on it is absolutly horrible and too top it all off, it has to hit 2 defence's which is generally about 20-40 percent even with magic pen so at level 1 it hits 100 + 0.5 per ap now it's generally impossible to land it on a squishy due to the hulking bruisers standing in front of them so your damage from your ultimate is generally about 130-150 with ap rune's and such so you grab your victim now he take's about 80-90 damage from this then 80-90 when he break's loose, so a measly 160-180 damage, now malzahar's supress which has a ton more range does 250 plus 1.3 per ap, so basicly ending with 230ish damage now malzahar generally will pop on ignite + null zone + his minion with malphic vision's nuking you pretty much in the 2.5 second supress, now skarner's ultime basicly give's him time to get his slow on the enemy so now come's the part where you need to chase down your enemy and 50 percent of the time without a team mate they just get away.

Ok i need to stop with everything im noticing so many problem's with him that i didnt notice before i could go on forever i think now i know in optimal situation's with a skilled team mate he is very effective, he is absolutly perfect and slowing fleeing enemy's scoring you constant ace's now the problem is... if the enemy is chasing you, your useless your slow is too short ranged to keep those range carries or caster's off of you your speed boost is negated once the enemy lands the next hit and if they have any sort of slow or stun your done for.

My main problem with skarner is his insanely bad lack of nuke, he has to basicly with stand an enemy's attack's and hope they dont notice they are losing and run away before you can get your slow off, now if you miss one slow... they basicly get away home free if they flash, home free, if they ghost out of your slow, home free, basicly with out your slow, your useless now i know i can grab rylai's and get the slow's from that but its really not an item i can get early on wtihout sacraficing mana, he has horrible ad scaling and need's a large amount of attack speed to do well but you also need alot of mana, but you also need lots of ap to do damage but you also need defence becuase you need to be standing next to them but you but you need the attack damage otherwise auto attacking is useless but nothing scale's ad well enough to go ad.

In my opinion he is great on paper but horrible in use, he need's to be basicly completly revamped to give him a much better edge in some way becuase right now he is just a slow with a drag he cant net those kill's to get fed in any way becuase any other carry or bruiser will land that last hit with ease his minion farming is made hard becuase of the mana use of the ability's and q doing no damage really on it's first hit and the problem with e is that it push's the lane very fast leaving you open too gank's. the main problem with skarner is the fact that all of his abilities arent as good as other character's with similar trait's his Q, ashe's slow is has a much larger range, generally does more damage.
his w, udyr, blitz, rumble, rammus..... all better his E, alas it is multi target but for the heal you need to be next to them, now warwick does so much more damage and so much more heal, now his r which i useless, rammus's taunt much better, shen's taunt much better singed's fling about as useful with about .75 less disable, blitz's grab + knock up etc.. all thing's like that.

Now i know that skarner can do well, i have done well with him a few time's i do not need your tip's i have my own way of playing, i do not want your reasoning this is my opinion i am not forcing you to agree with it, i am building him correctly as i have checked with other player's, I am really just sick of being a hard to play assist monster, 5-3-23 really isnt fun for all the hard work that is required to stay alive and keep the enemy slowed making sure not to miss a slow proc, i welcome you to post your opinion below but please do note if your trying to tell me he is balanced i will assume you are stupid and ignore your comment, mainly for the fact you have not used skarner and have no idea how hard it is to play him with the little reward you recieve.