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My thoughts on Skarner so far.

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Magnificent Derp

Senior Member


The only thing I can think of to make him actually useful is building tank. He gain 98 health per level, which is the highest health per level I've seen (of cos I havent seen all 81 cham's stat, but even tanks dont gain that much health per level)

If built AD, his E and R do no damage. And after one hit of Q, he Q do nothing but slowing.

If built AP, his E and R could hurt. However in team fight you do nothing before you land you second time of Q.

If built hybrid, umm... no skill do enough damage at any ways.

Overall, he really shines at chasing and 1v1 thanks to his Q. However, after mid game, you always have teamfights. So unless you team can 4v5 and still wins, then you can asure most of their team cant escape.
You Q and R simply needs you go get into the whole team of enermy chams, which means a auto dead. Unlike chams like lee sin, your damage out put is not high at all.

I would like to see his ult range increase (or simply makes him bigger in size) and pre charge on Q (dont need to hit something to charge up, but charged attack cost more mana).

Oh, I haven't mention his W! Because I cant really found it useful... the shield cant even absorb one skill (just barely take a auto attack).... the moment you use it, you lose your buff.

So it seems tank build is the way to go IMO. Just ult their melee DPS and Q them until they are all dead.