I like this idea

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I like this idea that Riot has of implementing a different gametype into their "world". The dota/moba style 3 lane 5v5 arena system is populated by multiple programs/companies. This game type would help carve out a niche for Riot in the moba scene. Rather than constantly adding onto the one style of gaming they have. I feel dominion will be a unique map that will allow for different kinds of players to be better/worse than the current roles known in the current "kill the enemy nexus" game objective. I've been looking forward to objectives ever since I played the tutorial and battle training that showed objectives. I agree certain champions will be more or less viable in this game type rather than the current ones. But this is after all a different style of gameplay. One shouldn't expect to have all champions viable in all 3 different maps since an adequate comparison would be what type of tool to use when completing a job. A hammer would be better to place a nail into a surface than a screwdriver (however you're still able to use a screwdriver). After all, in biomes two organisms cannot occupy the same niche at the same time.