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Crit chance or Armor pen for twitch

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I cant decide between crit chance or armor pen runes for twitch. Please help and explain the difference between them. Thanks

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It depends what you are after, really.

Here are the two things that get said over and over:

1) Armor Pen actually contributes more to damage (via mathcraft). It is the surefire bet.
2) Crit chance will help with being 'bursty.' If you are a) feeling lucky, or b) wanting to use scare tactics on your enemies by bursting them down, it is the way to go.

I think that because twitch tends to attack enemies many times rather than just a couple of times, armor pen is the way to go. If you hit only 1-2 times, you CAN get more damage out of a crit, but if you are hitting enough for things to even out, Armor Pen will overtake the damage crit runes can give.

One last thing to consider is that the penetration runes are probably going to be reworked in the future.