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Duce Jones

Junior Member


Dominion is a capture point map... not a rip off of AB in WoW. Capture Point is in nearly every multi-player game. Pretty much all FPS has a Capture Point. Maybe you've played a little known game called Call of Duty, it's dominion is call Domination. Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, ALL Dominion type games. Stop trolling cause all your going to do is make you look like a complete moron to the internet.

I've watched the video and its exactly like arathi basin. And I personally hate CoD and Halo. They have so many ****ups in that game.

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Booty Colin



Duce Jones:
Technically yes it would but not that much. And wow bgs and arenas aren't that long. They added in time caps I think right before cataclysm. And capture and hold games aren't that long because the nodes are always ticking. But why would you ask about elongating games? LoL 5v5 games are like usually 45 50 min long. With no time cap...

And yeah hybridization of the games is good in some cases... Depends.

That's what I'm saying. Ultimately, it is WoW, but with LoL champions. And ya know what? I'm just fine with that. They could've given us magma chamber and the same "destroy the nexus with 3 lanes, only here's some portals and steam vents and other gimmicks", but I prefer an entirely reinvented mode and map. Even though it IS basically Arathi, it's something that the MOBA genre has never seen, I'm happy with it.