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Riot's track record and the cancellation of Magma Chamber

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You ask why people are excited about Dominion, while those features that you perceive as basic are being left out.

I'll give you my opinion and my reasoning, which you might strongly disagree with, but since you want an insight as to why some people care more about than Dominion than those other features:

Dominion is a new game mode. I agree, it is gimmicky, and I probably won't play it as much as I play SR - but I'll still play it from time to time, I like a bit of variety, and this seems to be play out very different from SR. The "cut to the chase"-style of it, scrapping the laning phase in favor of constant PvP, seems like a natural (even if controversial) evolution for the MOBA genre (it's what all game genres do those days - they cut things to the chase), so I'd welcome this foresight into how that would be.

Replays would be a nice feature but, personally, I wouldn't use them. I don't have the time to sit through and watch my replays, and I don't think anyone would be interested in watching them either. As for watching replays of other players, I can already do that when I (rarely) feel like.

Observer Mode is pretty much the same. I wouldn't ever use it. I barely have time to actually play the game, I wouldn't want to sit in a custom game room observing random people play. When I feel like watching, I'd rather just watch some streams.

Pause is obviously something only from tournaments, as I really wouldn't like to have pause in your average games, even if very limited. Well, I don't plan on playing on any tournament, so...

Detailed Spell in-game Infos: I agree this should be implemented, it would be especially helpful for newer players that are still getting used to all the different champions in the game. Wouldn't make much difference directly for me at this point in time, though.

Achievements: I also don't really care about those.

Normal game stats, if I'm correct, actually were present on the game earlier on. They were deliberated removed for some reason. I too would like to have nice champion-by-champion statistics, but apparently Riot believes this is best left for Ranked.


Basically, it's all about what directly affects me. I know replays, observer mode and pausing would be good for the game - but they wouldn't affect me, I wouldn't use them. That's why I'm more than happy about Dominion - it's a new game mode, something that I'll make use of.

It leaves out Dominion vs Magma Chamber. I believe Riot perhaps realized (correctly or not) that, after one year of expectation, Magma Chamber could be a bit of a letdown. In the end, it would feel like just "more of the same". So it's better for them to first launch something that's very different, like Dominion, before launching another SR-style map.

Well put. These changes are all either superficial, like achievements, or geared towards competitive tournaments that the vast majority of the community including me have no intention of playing in. With the exception of Dominion of course which is a nice addition. Rolling out improvements to tournaments is nice and all, but I'm not going to start whining about the lack of them. Would I rather see all these changes rolled out or see bugs/balance fixes/remakes....I would much rather see the champion fixes happen because I will actually use those.

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first of all magma chamber was an "idea" or "concept" that was mistakenly released before it could be confirmed as a solid project.

so sick of you guys who run with some stupid idea without looking into facts and logic. they have a ton of champs which means making a map is a very complicated project to balance. you should be happy we're getting a new map at all.

while the smaller features are nice quality of life issues....this new map will add a whole lot more depth and replayability to this game.