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Playing soraka~

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Junior Member


So I have about 90 games with Soraka...
and I enjoy playing her but the problem is...
healing debuffs...

champs like katarina shut my heals down so much its hard to play soraka...

I know its the only counter to healing...but is there anyway to get around heal debuff? would Spirit Visage help?

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Senior Member


If you are talking about self-heal, then yes.

Spirit Visage only effects 25% of healing and regen YOU receive. Healing others with "W" won't give you a boost of healing by 25%.

And to avoid greavous wounds, bring Cleanse. I main Soraka and playing her with Cleanse and Clarity is just...Golden. Take my advice. I guarantee it will save you more than not.

Get back to me,

Also, +1 for loving Soraka as much as I do.