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Twitch Guide, the FU guy that wiped their whole team

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this is the guide to twitch, i have been playing him for a while now and won most games;
twitch is considerably one of the most annoying champions there are

it is best to have twitch in bot or top since he's better in group fights early game, mid lane is good, but i prefer one of the side ones

summoner spells

i always go with exhaust and ignite, even though they dont give you much survivability, they help getting kills... a lot + if you are getting many deaths, you either dont know how to play or all the players have personal vendetta against you (gonna happen a lot in mid/late game)

a little skill overview, and skill uses

AMBUSH ->> thing that makes you very annoying
the attack speed buff is great, but there are a few other factors that make it so good
when you come out of stealth, people have an auto p*ssy effect, and gtfo out of there asap, even though they could probably kill you
this is also an escape mechanism... slow the champ thats chasing you, and then ambush (try to get into some bushes, and while they are on the outside, use ambush, so they dont have a change to prolong the stealthing time)
note:if you see urs laning opponents having ward or oracle, switch lanes, this will will lead to them wasting >400 gold on nothing
i recommend getting it at level 2, and then focus on leveling it up to lvl 5, and putting a bit in expunge time from time

excellent skill that only needs 1 point in it throughout the game, it slows champions (AOE!!) which will help you get tons of kills
put 1 point in it at level one, usually it is pretty easy to get double kill 1st blood in your lane by just slowing them, letting u and urs partner beat the sh*t out of them, then exhaust and ignite
this is a mechanism for escape and saving your teammates, just slow the chasing champs, and stealth after... dont be afraid to sacrifice yourself by slowing those 4 champs chasing urs beaten up team... remember how i said chams r gonna run away from u after u ambush? this is the chance for you to destroy them before they realize that they are dumb a**es and turn back to fight. Once they start running, you slow, by the time they realize, they r gonna be half HP, and w/o any chance of retaliation, going down each passing second

This is your finishing up skill, and it has to be used carefully
you have to try to apply 6 poisons, wait about 8 seconds after your last shot (depends on the champion's HP and his distance from turret) (some1 clarify me on the exact time if you know) for the poisons to do maximum damage, and then expunge.
this skill is 2nd in priority to ambush, mostly because you kill champions before they can escape, this can also be used as an AoE, but i dont recommend it (mana)...

this is your signature "wtf our whole team just got destroyed" skill
this has many uses: you can use it on single champion in 1v1, since it does inc damage and attack speed, but make sure you wont need it in a few seconds when a group fight will begin.
this is also a skill that will allow you to backdoor any turret, since its range is larger than turrets' so you wont receive any damage
now, about its best use... team fights
(just btw, try to be stealthed throughout the game, so you always have an attack speed boost) the arrows penetrate champions, doing 600 crits by level 18, each like .5 sec, on their whole team if positioned right... this will make you the most wanted target throughout the game, so make sure u stay behind meatshields and take down oracle wearers
i was able to get quadra kills with this, just because their team was in a nice row


1::::the first item i get is Doran's Shield, and a HP potion.. doran's shield can be exchanged to dorans sword, but make sure you r gonna be able to survive with it

2::::95% of the time you are able to stay in a lane for long enough to get your key item... which is... Last Whisper. This attack speed buff will help you get more poisons on yours target, and armor penetration is just awesum, no words needed

NOTE: i used to get malady as my 1st item, but then realized that life steal is useful, but not needed, and very high attack speed, lower damage is not really good

3, 4::::next item you want is either zerker boots or B.F. Sword... if yours team is made up of noobies noobish noobs, get zerker boots so you can get to them quickly, and ability to get out of a big chase after all of them are dead(+ attack speed ofc) If your team is able to hold its own, get B.F. Sword which will give u an ability to destroy anything with yours newly increased damage.............. after, buy whatever you didnt buy earlier

5:::: now is when the game gets fun... get the crit cloak, and then turn urs sword w/ the cloak into infinity edge.. you should be able to do rtarded damage now
NOTE: i kno some people may argue that this is the point where you get cleaver, but i did many games w/ both builds and infinity edge came out to be better than cleaver.

6:::: here is where you should get cleaver, even if their team doesnt have much armor, it is really useful since it helps your teammates also

7:::: games usually dont last this long, but sometimes they do, so i buy the phantom dagger, (start with items that give you crit), this item is really powerful, and you are gonna just DESTROY DESTROY all of urs opponents

2 NOTES: you might notice i dont go for huge amounts of attack speed, and that is because of the fact that you only need 1st 6 shots(ambush AS buff is enuff) to get urs poisons to max, and each 1 shot u fire after, will refresh it back to 6->> so its better to have huge shot damage than lots of little damage shots that keep refreshing the 1 poison
Another note is that this build works best for me, in almost any game, but you have to have a MIND OF YOUR OWN and buy items depending on their team composition ( like if its full of casters get wit's edge instead of last whisper)

do this only when you killed 1 guy in yours lane, and have urs teammate holding the lane up, or if the guy u r going for is <50% Hp
communicate with your ganking partner to let the victim push a bit to urs turret, and then come from behind, while urs partner comes from the front, so the victim is gonna move towards you, slowed by you, while urs partner is beating the sh*t out of him ( stay in stealth so the victim thinks its gonna be 1v1 XD)

whenever urs spray and pray is on CD and there wont be a group fight soon, use it to weaken up or kill the turret, you can stay at range where the turret wont damage you, which is very useful

Hope you enjoyed and used this guide, if you have some interesting tips, leave them in comments, i will be happy to add them to the guide

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Attack speed as first item=facepalm.

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first of all 1st item is dorans blade/shield
attack speed will let you quickly stack poisons once u come out of stealth +armor pen, considering u r laning w/ a partner, the enemy will be beaten up by the time he is close to escaping, this is when u expunge for the kill

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Manong Pipit

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Stopped reading there.