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how to play amumu

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Yellow Jester:
In terms of despair damage sunfire capes are way better 99% of the time. Not only do they add health and armor, but they give 40 damage per second. That 40 per second is equal to 2% of most people's health. That's equal to 200 AP. The only case that 100 more AP is better than a sunfire cloak is when they have more than 4000 hp.

Tantrum damage, on the other hand, rapidly increases with ap (.5 AP ratio AoE getting spammed in your face hurts). Amumu should be built as a hybrid, able to deal damage and take it. Sunfire capes are definitely your friends, and an Abyssal Scepter should be included on every amumu. AP, MR, and MR reduction spells victory.

Im pretty sure ulti has a 2:1 ratio.

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question about amumu's passive on tantrum. The blocks one physical damage. Is that any good, it seems like if you take 55 damage you're only taking 54, which doesn't seem all that impressive...but maybe i'm thinking about it wrong.