[Item Suggestion] Bright Mail

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Item Use: Start game support item, gives a small health regeneration aura, and a small mana regeneration aura to nearby allies, as well as additional mana and health regeneration to the wearer. It also gives an armor bonus to the wearer.

Item Requires: Meki Pendant (390 Gold), Regrowth Pendant (450 Gold), Cloth Armor (300 Gold), Recipe (185 Gold)
Total Cost: 1325 Gold

Item Stats:
Mana Regeneration (Aura): 5 mana per 5 seconds
Health Regeneration (Aura): 7 health per second
Mana Regeneration (Wearer): 8 mana per 5 seconds
Health Regeneration (Wearer): 17 health per second
Armor Bonus (Wearer): 20

I suggest a button that looks a little like this (not that I doubt you guys do great original work):

Tell me if you believe that this item is imbalanced, I will make any changes that the greater community believes would suit it better. (Note that I probably wont change anything about the item on one persons say so, unless its genuinely a good idea