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Overall strategy questions

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I'm pretty much new to LoL, I've played roughly 50 games. Recently I've started to frequent these forums in order to improve my game and I've found that there is a lot of disagreement for what defines a good strategy. I understand that as a beta game that the metagame changes quickly and what's best one day may not be best the next day, so I just have a few things I wanted to ask:

1. Greater Quintessence Runes of Avarice and the Greed Skill - Answers range from being decent choices to being next to useless. With all of them combined it comes out to nearly 1000 gold by 40 minutes, so which is it? Is it situational? Are there clearly better alternatives always?

2. Which skills are often skipped on the skill mastery tree because they are simply crappy compared to their alternatives? Brute force, offensive mastery, defensive mastery, and harden skin?

3. Cleanse and Revive ever worth it actually?

4. Verification: Furor and Desolation are usually the best red rune choices, it's a toss up for yellow runes, and in most cases clarity is still a very good choice for blue runes?

5. Is stacking phages a good idea on dps melee carries?

6. Which item is mathematically the best damage per gold?

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1. Avarice and greed runes can help you gather up gold if you aren't farming well. If you are farming well, they're not that great. Also, a lot of the time if you've reached a point in the game where those talents and runes are giving you a hefty amount of gold, chances are you already have all the stuff you need. It's hard to say whether they're useless, or situational. Personally I think there are better alternatives to the quintessence (like permanent +120 hp), but if you're going into utility greed is pretty good to get along the way.

2. Summoner spells you probably won't use are usually skipped. Offensive and Defensive mastery have some skills that add miniscule amounts of damage and mitigation, like the ones you mentioned, and you might want to stay away from them.

3. Cleanse can be very worth while. It can get you out of a nasty CC and save your life, as well as help you chase people down for kills. As far as I can tell, revive is kind of useless unless you're new, or you're going for the unkillable anivia with revive, and guardian angel. I don't play anivia much, so I don't know if that's actually any good.

4. Furor and Desolation: Maybe for Tryndamere, I'm not sure about anything else. Could be, but I'm not sure.

Yellow runes seems to be dependant on the champion you're using. Dodge for jax, regen for some, health for others. Not so much of a toss up as dependant on the champion, although it matters less for some than others.

I'm not so sure about Clarity. It's regen scaled with level, and I don't find I have too much trouble with mana mid and late game, especially if I grab a chalice. I'd think CD reduction or force would be better.

5. No. The increased chance to slow is multiplicative and not additive, and phage snares don't stack. If it's that much of a problem, you could probably get a frozen mallet. I'm pretty frozen mallet and phage's snares stack.

6. I'm pretty sure it depends on the hero. I haven't heard of a consensus where "X item is best damage on every hero", much less best damage per gold spent.

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1. I personally got rid of all my +gold runes before ever trying a mass gold build, so I can't say for certain that it's a bad idea.

2. Not much comment aside that I've never attempted a mass gold build. My intuition tells me that it probably won't be that great though. Winning lanes, successful ganks, etc. will probably net you back that gold anyway.

3. The best thing about Cleanse I find is that its cooldown is only 120 seconds. If you luck out and are facing guys who really rely on their long cooldown stuns to do damage (Warwick, Veigar, Morgana, etc.), then it can be quite good. However, I find Heal to be much better, as it helps your allies too.

I never use Revive personally. Flash is far more versatile for offensive and defensive purposes. You're much better off not dying in the first place and giving away that money/experience.

Frozen Mallet slows on every hit, so you might as well just upgrade to that instead of stacking Phages. You save item slots (important for certain recipes) that way too.

Definitely depends on the character.