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Another Ashe Build

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Just a quick guide for those who are tired of the glass cannon who relies on tanks. This is how ive played ashe for about 100 games with a a 2/3 win percentage. Im not a god player, but ive outplayed most the other ashes i see, which is why i feel competent posting.

Health quints. Other than that i have a hodgepodge, wishing i had more armor pen than i do.

Summoner Spells
- Flash and Teleport. Until they remove flash use it and abuse it. Good for both escape and chase. Teleport for the famous arrow- port in trick and backdooring.


You really have to ask? Volley, Frost arrow, Big giant arrow when up. Volley at will. Dont touch bounty untill you have to. It will help farming, but not till volley is finishing waves, so dont touch untill late game.

Start with Saphire Crystal and two potion.
Boots upgrade- swiftness, mobility, or merc prefered.
Upgrade Cat to Banshees if needed.
Infinity edge
Honestly, game doesnt usually go beyond this point. But other good items are anything with damage, bloodrazer in those long drown out tank heavy games.

My play style is simple. Harass with volley. Shoot big arrow constantly. USE BIG ARROW AS OPENER ON CARRY, not as a finisher in team battles. Banshees allows you take a few more risks. Between it, flash, and a defensive arrow you can often escape those uncalled mia ganks. In team battles spam arrows and focus on carry. Roam map to assist ganks.

Sometimes you will get kills like mad, but i typically end up with scores like 6-2-17. Usually my high kill games are long ones where the pure damage build starts outpacing everyone else.

I am also currently experimenting with the burtilizer upgrade. Think i like it, but ill revise when i have more than 7 games getting it.

Oh, starting lane doesnt matter. Mid is great, but your only getting early kills if the opponent is a risk taker.

Note what i dont have. Mana regen, attack speed. You have teleport and are roaming usually. you can get mana at fountain while buying things. Yes it sometimes sucks, but your not jumping into battles without knowing your mana are you? And attack speed on Ashe is crazy. Big damage is everything. In battles your volleys will be worth more(especially when hitting 4 people at once), and when being chased every stop and arrow while kiting will make them think a little harder about turning around. With brutilizer you will often kite them untill arrow is up, then make them cry.

I have also not had any luck with life steal. The only exception is starks if no teammates have it after infinities.

Hope you enjoy, try it out. Leave comments if you want. May be better ways to play ashe, but this has worked wonders for a long time for me.

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Thats right, you are not a God player, but you might be a good player :P


You really have to ask?

I never asked, you posted this as a guide

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I hope I am a good player, but i know im not a god player. And you may have asked =) I just answer the questions i hear, may all be in my head.

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I main Ashe.

Summoner flash is a crutch. I take ghost ignite or exhaust ignite. With my health quints and dorans shield I rarely ever lose in mid.

When people mid against me.

vamp scepter = auto loss
boots and pots = no regen and I ignite their pots freely
ashe mirror = Always win. Most play her as a starting character and then pick somebody else because "Ashe is EZ and the harder characterz are better lolz."
Sivir = difficult because a nubby will still outpush you and then back up. So I either leave the lane, or volley off their predictable spellshield and then arrow their dome.
Ezreal = Impossible to lose to anime characters.
Karthus = Ive lost to a karthus once before, he was bauss.
Teemo = Everybody who plays teemo buys vamp scepter for some reason.
Nidalee = you have a gigantic advantage over her until she hits 6. Then you need to be more careful.

Im not really giving advice here, just talking so I will stop.