Health Vs Armor

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So i've only had a this game for a few days but i'm enjoying it immensely and doing not to shabby provided i'm fighting people of similar level. I recently started enjoying Mordekaiser and I had a long game (we were loosing so i statted defense) but i ran into a bit of an indecision point. For my 6th item i was unsure whether i should go for an item that gave predominately health or armor.(i have been using item guides)

So the question i'm left with is in what situation is armor preferable to health and vice versa?

I understand armor works but reducing damage (1 point in armor=1% damage negated iirc) and the counter to armor is high ap and the counter to high health is DPS/DPH but being a novice i having trouble recognising that in the enemy.

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Armor effectively gives you 1% of extra health, per 1 point in it.
So at 100 armor, non mitigated, you are twice as hard to kill. Your 1000 health is effectively worth 2000, because their damage is cut in half.

As you get more of 1 item, the worth of the second goes up and vice versa.

For base values you start with about 30 armor, and max at 80. 500 health and max at 2000.

What this means is that early on, Health is MUCH BETTER than armor for the cost.

Getting 130 armor costs 2600 gold.
Getting 500 health costs 1200 gold.
Both would double your effective starting health, except armor only works vs physical.

However at 2000 health, getting another 180 armor would costs 3600g and double EHP.
Vs another 2k health which would costs 5000g to do the same.

At 4k health, same thinig... 3600g to double EHP with armor, 10,000g to double your health if it were possible.

As for itemization it is very hard to just get 1 type of thing, so you wind up getting health and armor and MR.

However, early on you definitely want to focus on HEALTH...or the health part of certain items. Say you have a negatron and are getting an Randuins and Sunfire. Get the 2 giants belts first! This makes you WAY tankier, then focus on completing your randuin/sunfire

It is easier to visualize with graphs and stuff, but hopefully this helps some. NOTE that in Season 3 (this season) armor and MR are MUCH WEAKER than previously. They cost more than they used to, AND armor is easier to negate with Penetration.

So in general, focus on health as much as possible...even on champs that get Free health such as Cho Gath! Toward lategame you get a bit more armor and MR... whether you want it or not, you will wind up getting it simply because you cannot efficiently keep getting Health. Especially on all other maps than SR (due to no warmog)