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Udyr help?

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A Graceful Seal

Senior Member


Lately i've been getting bored of my squishy burst casters (even chogath when i play him ap) and I wanted to use a interesting, not very commonly found champion, and I thought of Udyr. Plus he looks pretty awesome.

If anyone has any guides about udyr, that would be greatly appreciated.

I have some questions about him though.
1. When switching stances, does the previous stance bonuses still apply for a few seconds? (such as fade away bonus?) or does it just turn into the different stance's bonuses.
2. What combo is best when taking on a single enemy hero? How about in team fights?
3. What would you class udyr as? melee dps? tank? fighter?
4. What are some core items that really compliment Udyr?
5. Can you use the same stance twice? (such as using tiger stance, then using tiger stance again after its cooldown?)
6. Do you think there are any other champions that could do his job in a better and more effective manner?
7. what is udyr's ultimate, if he does have one? (i read that you start with phoenix stance, so i'm getting the impression that you can get phoenix at level 1.)

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1. Yes they still apply. The tooltip should say how long they last.
2. Turtle first before they see you, then bear, then phoenix/bear/phoenix for solo. In team fights it's generally the same but you want to stay in bear a bit longer to stun all of the enemies or any enemies with channeling abilities. Turtle more often if you're being focused.
3. Melee DPS/Pseudo tank
4. Sheen->Triforce is the usual staple item. Then it's sort of a throw up depending on how the game's going. Tank items if you're having survivability problems or your're the teams only "tanky" hero. Thirster for damage etc.
5. Yes but you should be stance dancing as often as possible.
6. Debatable.