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Who should I play next?

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Way back when I played Teemo and was really good with him
Then I climbed higher in elo and just got shut down because of his low low health

Then I went and played Morgana (still do sometimes), I'm alright with her with a decent team. Usually just get a lot of assist from snaring and slow/stun from Ulti. I usually built her with RoA, Sorc Boots, Rylai, Haunting, usually game ends there. Basically AP/Health build.

Next I played Udyr, before and after buff. Sometimes I aim for Trinity Force, sometimes I aim for Sheen, Boots, Frozen Mallet. Usually a dps with more than average health (from Frozen Mallet) or something like that.

I also played Rammus in between. I build him as a tank, of course. HoG (2 or 3), then Armor/MR items, and Boots. Now its HoG (2) and turn to Randuin's Omen. Then either Warmog or Armor/MR, depending on enemy team.

I also played Singed, but I seem to suck at it now (after not playing for a long time). I usually build him as HP tank.

I also played Sion for a bit. Usually AP/Tank. Not really DPS. Stun for support, Shield to tank and deal damage. I usually get a RoA, then depends afterwards. Rylai maybe. Warmog maybe. If game is going well, I would switch to Zeal/Phantom Dancer, to dish out some DPS with Ulti. Its quite good.

Recently, I played Garen quite a bit. I play him like most Garens. Avarice>Boots is core build. Then varies, but the final build is something like Ghostblade, Boots+3 or Mercuy Boots, Frozen Mallet, Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer. Infinitty and Phantom is usually super long games. If team lacks tank, I would aim for Warmog. 50% reduction in Physical and Magical damage is pretty good, with an additional 35% reduction (not stacking).

Now I'm bored and don't know who to play.

Any suggestions from my previous champions?

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Try out Nasus. Nasus is a bit tricky, because he can tank and deal quite a bit of damage, but only in the right situations.

Runes & Masteries: 0/21/9 usually, can go a little more into utility if needed for the regen (Health, dodge, and damage reduction, EXP gained, regen, and ghost).
Dodge Runes, Health Runes, Armor Pen, Cooldown etc..
Spells: Ghost/ Cleanse/Clarity
Skills: I would take Ult > Spirit Fire > Wither > Siphon Strike, however, get 1 level of siphon strike at 2 so you can start building up last hits.
Items: Merc/Ninja for boots and Sheen as a core. Build into Tri-force if you need more DPS. I would recommend glacial shroud/ frozen heart for the armor and cooldown. Basically get situational tank items. Trinity force/sheen should be more than sufficient base DPS. Starks is good if no one else is getting it. Aegis is good as well.

Playstyle: Farm with spirit fire. Do not initiate with your ult, wait for the teamfight to start, and for everyone to commit. Then wither a squishy or a melee DPS (it slows attack speed) and ult. Hug everyone while popping siphon strike and spirit fire. Pursue with ghost as necessary.

Mini guide ^. You can find more info if you're interested. I'm sure there are good guides out there. I've read some about 3 months ago, but not any recently.

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Try something new: Skill-shot champs are pretty fun. I tried Mundo once and I loved it, his cleaver seems so troll-iffic. It just pops into my mind that the guy on the other end of my cleaver must be really pissed right now. Ezreal, I like showing off by teleporting, healing and damage my allies and enemies respectively, and sniping people from the other side of the map with the ult.