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@Champion Design: Sticky Your Posts Please!

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I dunno if Im the only person who wonders the almighty Champion Design team is up to and then searches the forums to try and get an inkling into the future by reading posts made by Shurelia, Morello or Xypherous. This is made even more frustrating by the fact that sometimes, said posts are impossible to find.

1. Please sticky any threads that hold magior balancing changes to the homepage of the Champion Design Forum.
2. Please Leave an itinerary down on the homepage which holds any major changes coming down the tube (nothing much, just like a sentence or two on the planned changes to be implemented or something of the sort)

I really want these changes so that I can see in this forum where the buff/nerf cycle will be hitting next, where the champion design team feels changes are to be made, and most importantly where the metagame will be heading.

If you think that these changes would be good for the forum, show the like button some love or post down below, and RIOT staff please leave your opinions on the page too - Everyone loves to hear from you!
Thnx for reading ;P

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Theres been many a thread I wish riot would sticky. Sadly they don't tend to the forums as well as some games, but better then many I will admit.