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New Hero Idea - Rainor The Elementalist

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The Elementalist

Auto-attack - Ranged.

Passive - Elemental Rage.
When Rainor drops below x% health the cool downs on his non ultimate abilities are refreshed. This effect can only occur again after Rainor is above x% health for at least z seconds.

Q - Lightning Surge.
Rainor gains x% attack speed and grants x(1/2)% attack speed to nearby champions. If the ability is used while lightning surge is active the effect does not stack instead it refreshes the effect on Rainor and any surrounding champions.

W - Ice Storm.
Rainor causes three waves of ice shards to rain down in an area dealing x(0.a) magic damage. The speed at which the waves fall increases with each rank in addition to the damage. Only one ice storm can be active at a time, also it could be a channelled spell depending on if there are balance issues.

E - Spirit Flame.
Spirit flame can be cast on an enemy or ally champion(or self). If cast on an enemy champion it deals x(0.a) magic damage over z seconds. If cast on an ally champion(or self) it heals that champion for y(0.b) health over z seconds. It can only be active on one target at a time.

R - Mud Golem.
Rainor summons a mud golem from the ground dealing x(0.a) initial magic damage in the target area. The mud golem has an auto attack that does minimal damage however when a nearby enemy champion is near the golem they are slowed by y%/y+5%/y+10%.

I will let Riot fill in the variables if they actually decide to make this guy.

Thanks for reading.