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Misc. Vent/Soundcard Support

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I've google'd every possible sequence of keywords... Now I'm hoping to speak with somebody with possibly similar experience.

Firstly, my headphones are my source of speakers (which work fine; I am able to listen to music, etc.)... the attached microphone has never worked, although plugged in. Thus, I purchased a separate microphone from wal-mart for good measure, yesterday.

Assuming all hardware is functioning correctly, I'm led to believe the issue is the software (drivers, etc. IDK). A seemingly related issue: my volume control icon for Windows XP has vanished, and selecting the "place v.control icon on task bar" button does not work, and always results in a common error. A solution to this would be very appreciated, since I have found nothing relative to fixing the problem (and I do not have the installation/etc. cd's anymore).

The problem with the microphone may be that my mic volume is on mute on the volume control panel, but I have no way of accessing it because of the previous issue. It also may be corrupt software for my soundcard, which I have no way of fixing because I am not sure how/what to uninstall/reinstall.

My dxdiag:

Please be very specific!! Thank you!!

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What happens if you click the start menu, go to the control menu and then click the Sounds and Audio Devices option? Can you adjust your volume settings through there? Do your headphones and your microphone show up? You might need to select a device for your mic.

Your driver may be a little out of date, but it appears to be installed correctly especially if you are hearing sound from your headphones. It might just be that you need to select the correct device.

This also may need to be done in Ventrilo. click Setup and then find the correct Input Device. You can use the test feature in the lower left hand corner of the program. Additionally, you should try other options with the Input Device setting in Ventrilo as well as enabling the Use Direct Sound to see if that helps.